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Articles and Research

A collection of my articles about Classical Chinese Feng Shui,
Ba-Zi, I-Ching, Auspicious Day Selections and other subjects.

Feng Shui:

Prenancy and Moving House
(April 16, 2016)

Feng Shui Detective – Agent Turtle!!!  (December 20, 2015)

Broken Tooth - (November, 20,  2015)

Determining Sitting and Facing with Qi 納氣定坐向
                                                       (September 07, 2011)

Foot Cutting Sha  割腳煞 (June 4th, 2011

Face  Pricking Sha 刺面煞   (May 20th, 2011)

Liu Ren Divinations   (December 24th, 2010)

A Feng Shui Murder                                      
Great Grand Master Yong Jung Zhong 楊均松

                                                          (12th November 2010)

Water Observation Technique and their Influence
                                                          (16th July, 2010)

Sharing the year with Tai Shui (9th February, 2010)

The 5 Yellow  (4th February, 2010)

The Annual 3 Killings
 (17th January, 2010)

The Feng shui of your desk and the Literary Art Location  (Part 2)
                                                            (29 May 2009)

The Feng Shui of your desk and the Literary Art Location (Part 1)
                                                             (4 April 2009)

Feng Shui Luck - Heaven, Man and Earth  (24 December 2006)

Old Grandmaster Wong  (23 March 2006)

Feng  Shui - What is it?   (27 January 2006)

Is Feng Shui a 100% Solution?   (22 December 2005)

What do we know about Feng Shui?   (20 December 2005)

Feng Shui Remedy   (16 August 2005)

Learning Feng Shui - a very difficult challenge   (08 August 2005)

Master (Yang) Killing Day   (25 August 2004)

Kan Yu - Ways of Heaven and Arrangement of Earth
                                                                (29 December 2002)

Choosing a House with No FS Audit    (30th, November 2016)


Is it possible to give birth to a child by Caesarean Section in order to obtain a perfect Ba-Zi life plot?    ( March 2007)

Ba-Zi, A Destiny Analysis   ( Autmun 2003)

Auspicious Day Selections:

Video - Feng Shui and Aus[icious Day Selections (November 2015)

An Interview about Auspicious Day Selections   (8 March 2009)

Auspicious Day Selections Chinese Verses  (20 November 2008)

Auspicious Day Selections and the Trinities of Feng Shui
                                                                      (04 July 2008)

What is Auspicious Day Selections?  (Christmas, 2007)

To be at the Right Place at the Right Time  (02 June 2006)


Luen Tou 巒頭 (Land Form / Outside Environment)
Definitions, Characteristic and Identities
  (14 December 2008)

Why Chinese Leap Year has 13 months (Leap Month)?
                                                                          (March 6th, 2012)

What is a Blind Year?                                                (May 21st, 2012)

Your Face & Feng Shui                                        (July 24th, 2016)

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