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Pregnancy and Moving House



Mrs. C wrote that she has suffered a miscarriage one week after moving to a new house. She was wondering if it had anything to do with the new house’s Feng Shui.

Moving house is a physically and mentally strenuous affair for anyone! It is a good common sense not to move house in order to avoid risking injuries and over exhaustion for the pregnant mother.

In terms of Feng Shui, we need to understand the consequence of the Environmental Qi-field changes to the “unborn child”.

A new house environment represents a new frequency in both energy and sounds in the Qi-filed. To everyone, including the unborn child - a sudden change of these factors would result in making new adjustments in a short period of time.

If  the new Qi-field environment is not suitable to the unborn child, it can obstruct the foetus’ growth development, or worse, it can cause a miscarriage to this little unborn life. 

Understandably, not every unborn child will experience the same adverse effects; there are proven cases that some unborn babies actually have benefited from the welcome change of environment! 

In Feng Shui analogy on Mrs. C's case - Had the new house’s energy and sound Qi-fields been suitable to the unborn child – the miscarriage would not have occurred.

Upon further checking on the Feng Shui for Mrs. C – Aside from certain landform factors,; she also had the 5 yellow star at her main entrance door during that year. The opening and closing of this door has escalated the malevolent energy of the 5 Yellow Qi to this house, hence it was not a positive situation for the pregnancy.

Needless to say, moving house is a potential problem worth considering to all pregnant mothers.

Mimi Moorhouse  曾美薇

December17th 2015乙未年冬
At sea to Africa – Indian Ocean

(Published April 16, 2016)

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