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I am very happy with the contents of the course. I was waiting for it to be taught in French for years! It was very well explained, with lots of examples, which I am grateful. 
I don't regret coming for this course at all and will wait for all next courses with great anticipation for ADS-Pro Fast Track and Qi Meng Dun Gia. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks....
Luc Torralba, February, 2016 Brussels
ADS Xuan Kong Da Gua

I think it is a very complete and strong training. I certainy have learned a lot! I am very happy of the training and it will serve for myself in the future. I motivate to continue by myself and to do the training one more time if necessary. I would like to express my gratitude to you and to thank you very much for this 3 days.
Phillipe Lorain, February, 2016 Brussels
ADS: Xuan Kong Da Gua

Thank you for coming to Brussels! So much knowledge in only 3 days, I am very happy with the class. I would like to have a bit more examples in the last part of the course (e.g.: the Produce me, Control me part). I look forward to attend the course in October for ADS-Pro Fast Track. Thank You!
Estelle Koyanagi,
February, 2016 Brussels
ADS Xuan Kong Da Gua

Thank you for the course. I really enjoyed it! The material was very good and helpful. The theory parts and exercises parts were well balanced. I will be happy to join for the ADS-Pro Fast Track course. Thank you.
Frédéric Lebeau, February 2016, Brussels
ADS Xuan Kong Da Gua

I am very satisfied with the course. I especially appreciate the Rhythm – to me it was the good speed.  The Explanations/Illustrations and the Contents – they fit with what I expected.
What I would improve:  A short historical introduction to XKDG and XKDG in historical events.
And, of course, the teacher! Professional, Positive and Close to people.Thank you!
Valerie Petit,
February, 2016 Brussels
ADS Xuan Kong Da Gua

Course very interesting. May be have adjustments to make on the course book.
Marie-Louise Rabetokotany, February 2016, Brussels
ADS Xuan Kong Da Gua

It was very interesting, many information. Thank you very much, I am so glad, the teacher is so kind. See you to the next course!
Veronique Szymczewski,
February 2016, Brussels
ADS Xuan Kong Da Gua and Bazi Feng Shui

I am so happy to discover such dimensions through this art! It is very accessible even I have to work hard, and I am so glad to be supported and to have the opportunity to work with you and to learn this different arts.

Particularly,  to have the privilege to meet you. Your humble human being, your simplicity and your art to transmit and to give with passion!

Céline Aschbacher, February 2016, Brussels
ADS Xuan Kong Da Gua and Bazi Feng Shui

I really enjoyed to be there. It was very interesting to see practical applications of the combination between BaZi and Feng Shui. The French course material was very good so we can check if we well understand.
If I may suggest: I would have preferred to have a little bit of time to exercise the cases before discussing the solution. Thank you, for the course and having teaching us!
Frédéric Lebeau,
February 2016, Brussels
Bazi Feng Shui

Course was interesting. Would be better with people coming with cases for time left.
Marie-Louise Rabetokotany, February 2016, Brussels
Bazi Feng Shui

I enjoyed very much this course with you. I began to learn traditional Feng Shui 6 years ago and I always minded the human aspect. This course gave me a lot of information and let me see a lot of possibilities of combinations between the human and his/her environment. That was exactly what I was looking for! The course book provided in French is of a great help, so we can listen and take note with a solid source of reference to look at. We can therefore focus on the information provided. The examples showed the practical implementation of the theory and were very clear.

I know the it took for translation may seemed slow in French, but it helped me a lot to find the right translations in words. - basically for the new concepts on implementation examples. It made me sure about what I understood. To me, this course was a real pleasure and a real learning source. Thank you.
Carine Glineur,
February 2016, Brussels
Bazi Feng Shui

A very profound, highly professional course with loads of new valuable knowedge. I really appreciate being able to come and meet you, Mimi! Thank you so much for your devotion and patience. I honor everthing that I have learnt. Thank you and god's blessing!
Nima Soraya, February 2015, Berlin
ADS - Xuan Kong Da Gua

Eventhough I was ill prepared, but I appreciate very much to have been part of your class and I am grateful for this. Thanks to you, my knowledge of Chinese characters has improved a lot now! I am inspired and energized to continue/restart the aspiring world of Feng Shui, Bazi, ADS, etc., Thanks for your knowledge passed over, your patience and your devoted efforts.
Markus Wolf, February 2016, Berlin
Xuan Kong Da Gua

Thank you! All was very interesting! I'd like to come to your courses again!
Dana Budde, February 2015, Berlin
Perception FS

Very interesting course! I like to know somthing more about Good Day Selections and I am sad that I have no time to come to your seminar on 17.2.15. I try come next year!
Claudia von Lowenthal, February, 2015, Berlin
Perception FS

It was really a great course and it is great that we can do it online - especially when you have children! :)  Your course was easy to follow and I was always able to ask questions and get good feedback. I have learnted a lot from you, thank you.
Daniela Ruther, September 2014, Berlin
ADS - Xuan Kong Da Gua

- Perfect course: May be a nice idea would be to hand out a reference for students wo would like to discover more about the "whys" and "hows" about Xuan Kong Da Gua.
Johann Bauer and Marc-Oliver Rinhart, September 2014, Berlin
ADS: Xuan Kong Da Gua and Bazi Feng Shui

Xuan Kong Da Gua as a tool is wonderfully organized on "Tables" and we get trained to use the different parts for sonsultation. All is wonderful!
Francisco Romero Pacheco, September 2014, Berlin
ADS: Xuan Kong Da Gua

Very positive, generous and magnificient! Mimi Moorhouse is a wonderful and, warm person.  It was a really good group, and you were a great teacher, very concentrated, with a great knowledge of the subject. To study with you was pure pleasure and fun, together with excitiement!
Jolanda Lis, September, 2014, Berlin
ADS: Xuan Kong Da Gua

Magnigicent, competent, warm and friendly teaching! I appreciated you and thank you for giving me your attention and teaching me.
Gabreiella Baldassar September 2014, Berlin
ADS: Xuan Kong Da Gua, Bazi Feng Shui, Perception Feng Shui

Great new method! I thibnk it would be great to have an introduction to the topic, as Bazi Feng Shui is an entirely different method to Flying Stars or Ba Zhai, etc. That way one can better understand the relation of this method to other schools.  Loved the examples and case studies!!!
Elisabeth Kurkowski September 2014, Berlin
Bazi Feng Shui

Thank you for your patience and passing on such precious knowledge openly. It was lovely to have met you at last!
Katrin Kiajczy September  2014, Berlin
ASD: XKDG and Bazi Feng Shui

This course is very interesting, captivating and very precise. You like to teach and we can feel it. Thank you.
Dominique Samin, March 2014, Nice
ADS: Xuan Kong Da Gua

Merci Mimi! For your generosity, always available to give advice!
Pierrette Coudriere, March 2014, Nice
ADS: Xuan Kong Da Gua

Thank you Mimi - Great knowledge,! Great teaching! Great Person as ever!!!  Waiting to meet you again for your next course!
Valerie Sautereau, March 2014, Nice
ADS: Xuan Kong Da Gua

Very clear and comprehensive course. Thank you very much!
Florence Ricaud, March 2014, Nice
ADS: Xuan Kong Da Gua

Thank you very much for this beautiful course! We have learnt a lot of precious information that we will be using in our everyday life and thanks to you, our lives will become better and better as we will be practicing more and more! Thank you for being very nice to your students and I think that your work book is really well written. I hope to see you very soon and I can't wait to learn from you again!
Julia Ontano, March 2014, Nice
ADS: Xuan Kong Da Gua

It was very nice, and thank you for all the information. For me it was a little fast but it was also a little my fault! It was very nice to neet you and your teaching is vrery good!
Manuela Wstermann, February, 2014 Berlin
ADS: Pro Fast Track

Perfect lesson consturction. Very good preparation hand out . So nice teaching and generous and friendly with pupils!
Gabriella Baldassar, February, 2014 Berlin
ADS: Pro Fast Track

Mimi: Thank you a lot for your knowledge. The course was fast, but it is okay for me. I hope, if I have questions, I can ask you. Thank you once more!
Walraud Kroissenbrunner, February, 2014 Berlin
ADS: Pro Fast Track

As always: Dear Mimi,! Well organized, fast (which I love!) perfect documents/paper. Nothing to complain about! Love your courses!
Sabine von Waldersee, February, 2014 Berlin
ADS: Pro Fast Track

I am amazed how great your note book, your clarity in explanations are! Your class is a real pleasure because you know how to explain in a very fluid way. Your personality, your joyful attitude are a pleasure too!  I
specially loved how concise and orgainzed your class is. Thank You! Can't wait to take another class with you...on any subject!!! 
Valerie Sautereau,
November 2013 Nice 
ADS: Pro Fast Track

I thank Mimi for her explanations and her very comprehensive course material. I managed to follow in spite the fact that I have just started my Feng Shui learning one month ago. It will bring me a lot in my practice and I am happy I have attended this course. The speed of my understanding is not as fast as what I would like it to be and it would be necessary for me to practice to get all this. At times, the course was a little fast but after slowly re-reading, I have understood. Thanks again for her kindness and I wish her a beautiful and good continuation. I hope to see her soon to deepen my learning. 
Veronique Formet, November 2013 Nice
ADS:Pro Fast Track

It was really great! Very well organized and clear. Very useful information. I am waiting for the next course!!!
Caroline Euras,
November 2013 Nice 
ADS: Pro Fast Track

Dear Mimi: Thank you very much for the excellent course and wonderful time during these 3 days. Your course book is very well written, it has all the necessary information presented in a compact and easy to understand way. Thank you for using easy to understand English words and real life examples during the course. I am looking forward to meet you again for the next course for Xuan Kong Da Gua.
Julia Ontano,
November 2013 Nice 
ADS: Pro Fast Track

This course is very interesting, sometimes a little bit too fast for me due to English is not my first language. I know I will have a lot of work to do at home to understand better all the formulas you taught us. I hope I will use all those new knowledge very soon. Your teaching has been very useful and very well done! I thank you for the quality of your course book. If we had more time, I would have liked to hear more stories about things happened form other case experience! 
Olivia Poncelin de Raucourt, 
November 2013 Nice  ADS: Pro Fast Track

Good course for use. Too early just after the curse to tell you what is lacking. The book is comprehensive. Thank you very much! 
Florence Ricaud, November 2013 Nice
ADS:Pro Fast Track

Very good structured course. Good place fo own notes on several pages useful explanation in details. Great attention for pupils questions. Thank You So Much! I'm impressed of your warm and friendly presentation.
Garbreiella Baldassar,
October 2013 Berlin
ADS: Xuan Kong Da Gua

Helpful - Short introduction and repetition of Calendar of Formulas. Good instructional approach and materials! Thank you! A sample work-flow for how to proceed with a calculation with a Check-List was helpful. Very open and audience oriented teaching and facilitation style. Keep it!!
Lisa Kurkowski, October 2013 Berlin 
ADS: Xuan Kong Da Gua

For the rest are in German without translation. 
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Very interesting course - Great Master Mimi Moorhouse. Good to give time for practice to fix and confirm the information on the last day by using our examples.
Iraida Solovieva, September 2013 Moscow
Auspicious Days Selections:  Pro Fast Track

The course is very informative, a lot of interesting and useful data. Mimi presents complex information of the course in a very easy and understandable form. I have been very glad to be among Mimi's students. Thank you very much!
Natalia Marchenko, September 2013 Moscow
Auspicious Days Selections:  Pro Fast Track

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Nellija Vartianinen,  Finland
September 2013 Moscow
Auspicious Days Selections:  Pro Fast Track

Thank you very much !!!
Olga Khan, September 2013 Moscow
Auspicious Days Selections:  Pro Fast Track

Great course! Lots of useful information! Thanks! Mimi!
Anna Petrakova, September 2013 Moscow
Auspicious Days Selections:  Pro Fast Track

Very useful  and interesting course. Master Mimi is open and generous person. Maximun information was given in minimum time. Thank you, Mimi!
Galina Lubimova, September 2013 Moscow
Auspicious Days Selections:  Pro Fast Track

Thank you very much Mimi for the interesting course, for your professionism, warmth and heartfulness.
Elena Mamontov, September 2013 Moscow
Auspicious Days Selections:  Pro Fast Track

Thank you very much for the  course! Very informative. Your optimism  Mimi and charm allowed to easily absorb such volume of information, Your charisma and love for life inspire for further studies. Wish best wishes,
Victoria Karakuts, Kiev Ukraine  
September 2013 Moscow
Auspicious Days Selections:  Pro Fast Track

Thank you very much, I liked your course a lot.
Irina Anfinogenova, September 2013 Moscow
Auspicious Days Selections:  Pro Fast Track

Thank you very much for the great course! The course is intensive, loaded with information and surounded by an aura of optimism and joy! I have learned a lot of interesting things and I am surprised with such detailed information. Thanks to the oganizer for the course and Grand Master Mimi for information and energy of the course. Thanks!
Elena Dap, Moscow September 2013
Auspicious Days Selections:  Pro Fast Track

I liked the course,! A lot of information!
Diana Alexandrova, Moscow September 2013
Auspicious Days Selections:  Pro Fast Track

Before anything, I would just like to say that I greatly enjoyed the course on a personal level and it is Mimi's charisma and care for each and every person that passes through her class that makes one feel so welcome and comfortable.

The course itself is a very comprehensive and well-structured programme that gradually adds on levels of deep analysis on various methods and systems of auspicious date selection.

 Important to point out - the methods are indeed various, and Mimi presents the students with the luxury of exploring all of them, rather than concentrating on any one in particular, which can be very helpful in terms of broadening the general view.

 The course material is well-presented and very useful after the completion - it serves as a step-by-step guide, along with the student's notes taken during the course. Also, the introduction to the Chinese calendar is of enough content to allow the students to actually use it after finishing the course!

 Overall, signing up for this programme was an undoubtedly wise investment of both time and resources, since it has allowed me to perfect the quality of my Feng-Shui consultations significantly and provide my Clients with a much more specific and refined recommendations approach than before. Thank you, Mimi, it was a true honour!!
Katia Filatova London  June 2013
Auspicious Days Selections:  Pro Fast Track

The course was really amazing and easy for understaning. We all comprehend that Feng Shui isn't easy and there are so many things that can confuse you! Here the training was crystal clear even for me as a newcomer. Mimi has shown love and passion in her training; not only theory. This also has burned a flame inside me! From this moment - I would like to learn more about Feng Shui and also put it into practise. In this way you life will be a bed of rosess!
Yulia Slavikovskaya, Almaty   Kazakhstan  May 2013
No Previous Feng Shui Knowlege Required Series:
Perception FS and FS Q&A for Yang House

I like the course very much! Everything is so understanable. Of course, you need some knowledge and general understanding of Feng Shui as a subject. Mimi Moorhouse, the trainer, is a very pleasant person. She has very interesting knowledge, wide professional skills. These enlarge an interest to the furture studying of Feng Shui for me.
Tatiana Pak, Almaty  Kazakhstan May 2013
No Previous Feng Shui Knowlege Required Series:
Perception FS and FS Q&A for Yang House

Thank you very much for the wonderful course, conducted by Mimi Moorhouse. Trainer gives an interesting professional material, which is comprehensible. She tries that all students acquire deep knowledge of this information. Mimi is a very pleasant person to communicate with, also cheerful and an intertersting person. I wish Mimi good health, a lot of happiness and success in her career. I wish all her dreams come true. Also I thank Oxana for the arrangement of the seminar, which performed at a hight level, and for the opportunity to study and communicate with the master of Feng Shui of the world level (class)!
Aida Krassanova, Almaty  Kazakhstan May 2013
No Previous Feng Shui Knowlege Required Series:
Perception FS and FS Q&A for Yang House

Very clear presentation of information, easy for understanding and perceiving knowledge. This knowledge is easy to use with clients, who want to get consultation and recommendation, which one could touch. Great course, charming master, I’m happy, that I got to this course. Generally, I’ve got those special tricks, which expected, which I couldn’t get from other masters.
Anna Malinkina , Ukrain   Moscow April 2013

No Previous Feng Shui Knowlege Required Series:
Perception FS,  FS Q&A for Yang House and Bazi FS

Great course, I like everything very much! Thanks for all knowledge, which I received. I like very much additional knowledge, based on Na Jia system, which gives another variant of activation to support elements, needed to be supported. Thanks a lot!
Elena Pervushkina    Moscow   April 2013

No Previous Feng Shui Knowlege Required Series:

Perception FS,  FS Q&A for Yang House and Bazi FS

I like everything. Thanks! Will participate at other courses with pleasure!  Mimi is very charming!  Thanks a lot for bonus at the end of the course! I didn’t know anything about ba-zi before courses, but after listening to Mimi, I’ve got to know a lot, which I could use, and I understood, that I have to learn it more carefully. 
No Previous Feng Shui Knowlege Required Series:
Ekaterina Gora   Moscow   April 2013
Perception FS,  FS Q&A for Yang House and Bazi FS

Interesting view at fine tuning for the individuals. Very actual information about conception place, as in my house exact entrance door falls at conception place. Thanks a lot for introduction into Na Jia system!
Ekaterina Leonova   Moscow  April 2013

No Previous Feng Shui Knowlege Required Series:
Perception FS,  FS Q&A for Yang House and Bazi FS

I like it very much. I’ve got to know a lot of new things. Thanks for new information.
Natalia Koval  Moscow   April 2013

No Previous Feng Shui Knowlege Required Series:
Perception FS,  FS Q&A for Yang House and Bazi FS

Interesting course, which gives a possibility to use more methods in Feng Shui audit and make Feng Shui more individual.
Natalia Klassen   Moscow  April 2013
  Bazi FS

No Previous Feng Shui Knowlege Required Series:
Bazi FS

Dear Mimi!
Thank you very much for such a wonderful class and valuable information provided to us! We all appreciate your kindness. You were so generous to share with us not only the knowledge. You gave us a part of yoru soul!
Please don't stop teaching! We need you!
We will participate all your new courses becasue we want to learn from you! Love, Sara
Sare Sedlachek -Suess,
 Miami USA    Moscow April 2012
ADS - Pro Fast Track

The "Auspicious dates selection" course of Master Mimi Moorhouse is very rich, contains deep, at high degree exclusive material of this part of Chinese metaphysics.

Master Mimi generously shares her knowledge that she has received from the best Feng Shui teachers and Masters and acquired as a result of her own research of ancient Chinese sources.

I would like to mention an amazing warmth and charm of this lovely woman. As a teacher, Mimi tries to make sure, that all students understand the course material.

I am grateful to my destiny for meeting with a wonderful person and Feng Shui Master Mimi Moorhouse.
Olga Khaustova, Novosibirsk  Moscow April 2012
ADS - Pro Fast Track

I had heard about this course from my friends, Inna Volkova and Nataliya Tziganova. They said: "Mimi is a very good Master! This course of Auspicious Day Selection is incomparable! I dreamed to have a chance to find myself on your course. It is very interesting and useful in fact! I am happy to see you again on another of our courses, like Feng Shui for the corection Bazi for example. Thank you very much!
Tatiana Prokhorova,  Moscow April 2012
ADS - Pro Fast Track

Thank you so much for this wonderful course! Master Mimi is really trying to transmit dates selection knowledge as close as possible to the original. There is a lot of important practical information contained in the course.

I recommend everybody to pass this course, learn very important and useful techniques, and most importantly to meet and become acquainted with this interesting and extremely generous person, as Master Mimi Moorhouse!
Povarova Olga, Moscow region  
Moscow April 2012
ADS - Pro Fast Track

Many thanks to Master Mimi Moorhouse for useful information, generous transfer of knowledge and patience attitude to the students. Mimi is very open and sociable person. The course material is extremely necessary and useful for my work. Submission of material was clear, structured and complete.Thank you!
I have a great wish to attend other Mimi’s courses, as Xuan Kong Da Gua, Bazi - Feng Shui, as well as Qi Men Dun Jia - Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia – dates selection
Natalia Tokareva, Omsk  
Moscow April 2012
ADS - Pro Fast Track

It is one of the best courses I have ever been before. Thanks. The best wishes.

Gavrilina Elena from Moscow   April 2011 ADS - Pro Fast Track

I like the course very much. The material is given in very easy way. We devote a lot of attention to developing practical skills. Master Moorhouse checked all the time, that all the students could follow the flow and understand the material. She has continued her explanations only when she was sure, that the material was digested. The atmosphere was nice, comfortable. Mimi Moorhouse is great teacher, charming lady,  attentive and friendly to every student. Thank you very much for the knowledge received.
Babachenko Katerina from Ukraine   April 2011 XKDG

Very interesting course!!! I like your courses. You explain in very understandable and clear way. The knowledge received, helps in practice a lot

Zavyalova Elena  from Russia    April 2011 XKDG

I really enjoyed this 2 days course. The theory was very well explained with plenty of examples. When I came back home, I could start finding good plots right away. What I appreciate the most actually is that I could ask questions when I was not sure and that my questions were answered quickly and precisely. The work book is carefully prepared without any doubt.  Thank you again, for the two beautiful days I spent with you! I hope there will be other courses in the future..
Ayse Kaya from England    March 2011 XKDG

I found the ADS Xuan Kong Da Gua course very well put together and Mimi is an excellent teacher. She is always happy to answer all  questions and explains everything very clearly. Overall, I was extremely pleased with this course. I know that I have made the right choice by choosing Mimi's course. It was very professionally conducted and executed. I love the course notes - concise and easy to follow.
Shana Parveen from England   March 2011 XDDG and Pro FT

It was most interesting! A lot of information. Now I need time to practice and review everything in my rythm.
Cyriele Zanetti from Singapore       February 2011 XKDG

Very interesting information. Very useful book. All is included. I have appreciated the learning course a lot. Definitely, I am motivated to lfinsih off with the Pro Fast Track! I can then play around with 2 ddifferent systems!
Virginie Simon from Singapore   February  2011 XKDG

Very valuable training! I appreicate the flexibility and lots of information provided by Master Mimi. The second day of training is more difficult  - so many valuable information to abosrb!  Very clear handbook which will be very hekpful in the future. Thank you so much!
Joelle Boireau from Singapore    Feberuary  2011

A lot of information but clear explanations, I understand now; time to put into practice!
Miranda van Gaalen from the Netherlands   October 2010 XKDG

Mimi is a bomb! It was great again, as always! I can understand everything, material is good and translation makes sense. I also can understand English from Mimi because she speaks so clearly!
Claudia Hermann from Germany   September, 2010 XKDG

The course was very well structured so that it was esay to follow. Because of the examples and many excercises, I had no problems of understanding the subject.

Maria-Elisabeth Oism
ūller from Austria   September 2010 XKDG

I am very impressed - about the course and as well about you as a person - thank you so much! I t was so much work - of course! I love it!  
Nina Herbener from Germany   September, 2010 XKDG

Mimi is very nice and professional. It was great!
Tanja Lutz  from Austria   September, 2010 XKDG

Great course, great workbook! Thank you very much!!!
Dr. Antje Christian from Germany   September, 2010 XKDG

I want to hug you and say: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I just came back yesterday from the YCH Advanced Course in Darmstadt/ Germany. I want to thank you sooo…ooo much! In your ADS Course I have learned so many things I could use now for this Advanced Course! Your taught us how to really (!) read the Feng Shui Calendar or gave us the knowledge in writing and pronunciation about the two more earth signs “Woo and Gee” J And also the telling about the cycle of the 12 growth positions. (To me that all was new, because I haven’t learned anything about the BaZi Suanming.) All this helped me more than a lot to understand the lessons of the Advanced Course! I am so glad and thankful, that it was my fortune to meet you and learn from you! You are one of my most important enrichments in my life!
Euciceeć Kändler from Germany   July, 2010 XKDG

I liked the course very much! You're the best! You are kind teacher, who pays attention to everybody. I liked your rhythm, that you were waiting for everybody. And even for me everything was clear. Let's say at Master Yap course (3 level) i didn't have time to understand what i actually was writing. I hope to see you again and wish you all the best!
Gorshkova Elena, from Moscow,   June 2010

I liked the course very much! I'm thankful to you from my heart for wonderful information. You explained everything very clear. I hope to come to your other courses. I wish you good luck.With respect and thanks to you!
Khazeeva Guezelya from Ufa,
Bashkortostan June 2010 XKDG

That was one of the most interesting courses I have ever studied. Thank you very much! I hope we can study some other subjects about Feng Shui or Bazi from you!

Irina Anfinogenova from Moscow,  June 2010 XKDG

I liked it a lot! Come again! It would be good to have practical exercises about installing the bed and the stove. Is it  possible to organize such seminar??
Marina Korsakova from Moscow,   June 2010 XKDG

For me it was the second course about Day Selection, that you give. The knowledge, i got at the privies course, I successfully use in my life. I'm sure that this time i got also the knowledge that will give good results in using it. By the way, i really like you as a person, as a woman (your age and the way you look much younger then you are). I always admire you sense of humour. I love you too much! I'd like to meet you again!
Abrameytseva Natalia from Moscow,   June 2010  XKDG


Very very usful and interesting. We'll try to use it in life. Thank you!
Elena Rudnitskaya from Moscow,   June 2010 XKDG


I was glad to see you again. I've got a lot of new and interesting information, that i hope to use in my practice soon.
Grigoriyants Svetlana from Moscow, June 2010 XKDG


Thank you. There was a lot of interesting things! I would like to join your course about Lyu Ren.
Andrey Sotnikov from Moscow,   June 2010 XKDG


That was in a high level knowledge and a very friendly course. True thankful to you for the course, for attention and kind attitude to the students. For the comfortable move from lack of knowledge to the knowledge.
Yugai Alexander from Moscow,   June 2010 XKDG


Amazing course! Thanks for your openness and honesty!The course was interesting. Everything you explained in the good order, so everything was clear. It's always interesting to get the traditional Chinese knowledge from the one who carries that knowledge. I wish you to remember to speak about traditions of China or the rituals.
Natela Panaeti from Moscow, June 2010 XKDG


I liked the course a lot! Wonderful workbooks. Information was given in a perfect form, what helped to digest it very fast. Mimi is the very high professional level Master. I like, that Mimi is an open person and everything she says is clear. And what is important especially for me, with loads of examples. You are the Master, that people want to study from!!! May be Mimi could come more often to Russia with some other courses (not only Day Selection)??
Vafina Elena from Khuzestan ,  June 2010 XKDG


To your course i came first time. And strait away i understood, i got to the real Master. You are the Master, that teaches from the heart. Especially skilful specialist, that clear and detailed replayed on the questions. At the same time you are not afraid to see, that you are also can be wrong. The course was going on in a very friendly way. Your sincerity, openness, being ready to help and very deep knowledge and experience won my heart. I got a lot of new things for myself. I'm proud that i studied from such a wonderful MAster and amazing person. I can't wait till the next time to see you! Dear Mimi! You are really good Master and teacher. Because you do it from your heart!
Margarita Drabenia from Belarus,  June 2010  XKDG


Rate Mimi Moorhouse 

When you have something seriously carried away, you want to know on this subject all that is possible. You start wondering about different points of view of experienced professionals and craftsmen, and you start to seek to grasp the immensity. I think that this is happening with all those caught and conquered the Chinese metaphysics. Feng shui is really huge and profound (how much we still do not know), but everyone finds it his specialty, what makes "soar and purred," it is his.

It happens to me. Since I was introduced to the method of selecting auspicious dates on the course Oksana Sakhranova, I realized that what I like most. So, after reading a very favorable and positive feedback about the course Mimi Moorhouse, masters from the UK, I did not hesitate to register with this course. And did not regret it!

The great charm, kindness and openness of this amazing woman, and the desire to convey to each student all herknowledge, have conquered the whole group. Almost everyone who made her the slightest doubt that she has learned the material, she tactfully asked if he/she understood, and patiently repeated the material, if required. The material at the rate written in great detail, Manuals very thick and detailed. First course is a little emphasis on the basics of selecting dates, and then the fun begins: Master Tung's method, the method of luck on-yin, 60 combinations of palaces chia-tzu, the god of liberation, noble helpers, celestial and lunar assistants, claims to promote good luck and valley Ghost Wizard Gui Gu Zi.

And how wonderful it had been unofficially conversations during coffee breaks and after the lecture! At these moments, I was very envious of those who owned at least a little English. Mimi's happy to answer any questions - and about her personal life, and professional activities, and secret formulas of feng shui.

But the most surprising to know there was one situation, after which my respect for this woman has risen dramatically. But the thing was this: a couple of "high-advanced students" had the audacity to "do not agree with the master on the search for" days without wealth.

- OK!, - Said Mimi. - I'm open to everything new and I will be very grateful if you explain me this question.

No insults, no panic and arrogance, such as "there is only one correct view - mine"! It turns out that these students really know more on this topic. But when she learned search techniques of non-monetary days, which explained by the students, she was very happy and grateful to receive knowledge in Russia. Perhaps this is the strength and dignity of a true master!

You are still unsure whether to take this course? Vain! I highly recommend to get acquainted with Mimi Moorhouse and her course "Professional selection of favorable dates.

Smolin Nina
Consultant to the International Forum Feng Shui
( Russia 2010)

Great learning experience in Chinese metaphysics!  Mimi Moorhouse knows how to explain a very complex subject in a way that even beginners can follow and find it exciting. Very flexible and forthcoming in answering any questions you have.      
Jean-Jacque Ackermann - Switzerland    February 2010 XKDG

Thank you so much for that outstanding class, it was really excellent.  I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a fun group as well, all smart and pretty advanced!
I thought the class was extremely clear, well-structured and well thought through.You did a great job presenting some difficult material in a way that we could really learn it.         
Marla Ramirez - France
   February 2010 XKDG  

Excellent! Very clear and understandable . Thank You very much for sharing all the details need to do the Xuan Kong Da Gua Day Selections. Always a pleasure to join your classes!         
Thesi Stillhart  - Switzerland    February 2010 XKDG

I am delighted – Mimi is such a good teacher – She really wants us to understand and to learn! Her teaching is clear, precise and highly interesting. I’m grateful!
Solange Carlotti - France   February 2010 XKDG

This was a wonderful course which has cleared away a lot of topics for me! It was really good teaching! I am much more secure now in choosing dates for my clients. Thanks a lot Mimi, This was worthy of every penny that I have spent for this course!         
Christine  Fett - Germany   February 2010 XKDG

First of all, I was very happy to be able to meet Mrs. Moorhouse! That really was a great honor for me! She is such a nice teacher, explaining everything exactly and so humorous:)  Mrs. Moorhouse doesn’t make a secret out of her knowledge and she shares her knowledge and wisdom with all the pupils! Even though a few points were heavy to learn, but she always was eager to explain it in other ways, so that all could get the knowledge in the end. I got used to listen to the Chinese pronunciation of the Chinese symbols and that helped me a lot! And she taught us other things that we wouldn’t have learned from other teachers, because the subjects are so special! We wish her to come next year again!  Please! Thank you for everything! Thankfully,
Eudicee Kändler and a few others,  Petra Neumann and Antije Christian  (Berlin, Germany) November 2009
Pro Fast Track

Dear Mimi, it has been a pleasure to get to know you! The module is very well structured, the documents (training material) is very comprehensive and detailed. I learned many useful methods for calculating/selecting good days for my personal usage as well as for my clients. Especially I thank you for additional explanations you gave during the module and for giving all your knowledge to us! Till see you again!
Irina Gelwer (Berlin, Germany) November 2009

Pro Fast Track

Dear Mimi! I’m thankful to you for the knowledge which I got and I’m sure, will use. I have gratitude for your work, wish to share your knowledge, which we receive with great respect. Thank you.
Abrameitseva Natalia  (Russia) October 2009
Pro Fast Track

I’m very grateful to Mimi for openness, friendly attitude and patience, also for such a detailed preparation of the course.
Klassen Natalia (Russia)October 2009 Pro Fast Track

Thank you very much for wonderful course. I, personally, found a lot of new things about choosing of dates.Thanks.
Surmach Oleg (Siberia) October 2009 Pro Fast Track

Thank you, Mimi! I’m delighted by the course and a teacher. You are the most generous and open teacher, whom I met on my way of studying Chinese metaphysics.
Inna Volkova   (Ukraine) October 2009 Pro Fast Track

I’m very thankful to Master Mimi Moorhouse for great delivery of information, wonderful filling of the course and detailed explanation of material. With gratitude,
Svetlana Berest   (Russia) October 2009
Pro Fast Track

I’m, Khazeeva Guzelia, very happy, that I finished professional course of Master Mimi Moorhouse. The course was very interesting, full of content, and I’m very thankful and grateful to Master Mimi Moorhouse. I wish you happiness, health in such a great job.
Khazeeva Guzelia   (Bashkortostan)  October 2009
Pro Fast Track

A lot of thanks for the openness and the wish to share the knowledge.
Svetlana Napolova   (Russia) 2009
Pro Fast Track

Dear Mimi! I liked the course. Thank you! When will you come with Xuan Kong Da Gua?
Guzel Yurova   (Bashkortostan)  October 2009
Pro Fast Track

Everything was very nice!  Thank you for your teaching!
Daniella Khayrulina  (Dubai, UAE) October 2009
Pro Fast Track

Dear Mimi! Thank you for ADS course a lot!!! I’m thankful for my destiny for the possibility to get a lessons from you. I’m sure, I will use in my life the knowledge I got during those 4 days. Will be happy to continue to learn from you following new program, as you move forward in your knowledge all the time. I hope, that after finishing this course, our connection will not break. With respect,
Zvonova Irina   (Russia) October 2009
Pro Fast Track

Very interesting cognitive course. Mimi is very open, sincere and light person.
Natela Panaeti (Russia) October 2009
Pro Fast Track

Very good, capacious course. I found out a lot of new things. Openness and generosity, easy approach to Master, great wish to deliver all the information to the students was a nice surprise. With respect,
Smolina Nina   (Russia) October 2009
Pro Fast Track

I am thankful to Mimi Moorhouse for this special course. The course as well as the course materials and information are clear and detailed. I could feel Mimi enjoys sharing her precious knowledge. She is a pleasant teacher and I particularly appreciate her human qualities.
Solange Carlotti (France) October 2009

Pro Fast Track

The course about selecting auspicious days gives us possibility to use favorable moments of time for realization of our life plans. It means, we can get more results, spending less effort, plan our life more effectively. Very great thank to Master Mimi Moorhouse for understandable detailed workbook and good quality of teaching.
Gorbunova Irina (Siberia) May 2009
Pro Fast Track

I express gratitude to the course author for a lot of necessary information, given in easy and digestible way. Also, I would like to mention good and understandable working and reference (tables) material. Express my special gratitude for the course organizers.
Lyubimova Galina (Moscow) May 2009
Pro Fast Track

The course of Mimi Moorhouse was one of the best courses, I managed to take part. First of all, I got a lot of new information and looked differently at the things I know already. The topics of the course was very interesting, it covers great area of knowledge, from personal date selection till selection of the dates for renovation. The course was very easy for understanding, Master Mimi explained everything very easy and in understandable way, after her explanations we hardly had any questions!
And of course, most impressive was great positivity and love, which stream from Mimi! During whole course we had unbelievable feeling, that we stayed in the circle of very close people and it was just great! I would like to express my gratitude to all of organizers of the course and of course, to Master Mimi Moorhouse! We are waiting for you again, Mimi!
Voronina Yulia (Belarus) May 2009
Pro Fast Track

Very good, waiting for continuation!
Alexander Anischenko (Moscow) May 2009

Pro Fast Track

I liked the courses of Master Mimi Moorhouse. Most of all, I like, that information of the course, it was fully presented in workbooks. Therefore we didn't need as always to write everything down. We are grateful to Mimi for her openness and readiness to forward all the knowledge she owns. Thank you once again
Svetlana Grigoryants (Moscow) May 2009

Pro Fast Track


Thank you for the very interesting teaching  subject and sending all the cases so neatly presented.  I find it very helpful and reassuring!
Sigrun Amstutz (Switzerland) January 2008

Pro Fast Track

First of all I would like to say thank you very much to you for the great teaching! I am so happy that I have attended this course and you are wonderful person and great teacher! The information was very new for me but very interesting. Of course it needs practice but with the course book it’s much easier. Thank you for preparing it, because its really big work. 
Anja Dzyakanchuk (Switzerland) January 2008
Pro Fast Track

Thank you again for your teaching. It is a very interesting  subject and I would like to know much more about it!
Madeleine Saxer (Switzerland) January 2008

Pro Fast Track

I want to thank you for everything you gave me – it was an interesting learning time last weekend in a pleasant company. Your documentation of the “Auspicious Day Selections Professional Course I” you gave us is very extensive and useful. Thank you, Mimi.
Isabelle Glaser (Switzerland) January 2008

Pro Fast Track

I wish to thank you very much for the course you have prepared for us. I realized how intense it was and all the information you had to compile to make it accessible.
Let me thank you once again for your patience. You took so much time to answer all my questions and it is true that I have the feeling that I have understood the whole process. I am thrilled and I love it. THANK YOU AGAIN MIMI. You are incredible.
Virginie Simmon (Switzerland) January 2008
Pro Fast Track

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