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Course Synopsis 

Questions and Answers for Yang House (San He) Feng Shui

No previous Feng Shui knowledge is required!

This course will be taught and discussed in a question and answer format with graphs and photos presentation.
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1.    How many Feng Shui “Pais" (Factions) are there?

2.    What are the rules for establishing the Facing of the house?

3.    Is it suitable to use the apartment door as Facing in a city apartment block?

4. Ba-Zhai -The 4 Auspicious and 4 Inauspicious locations in the house – how to find them?

5. What to do with these 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious locations?

6. What are the Names of these locations and their influence to the house and residents?

7. How to calculate the Life Gua?
8. Charts for the 4 East House and 4 West House.

9. Is the Main Door location important for Yang Houses?

10. The arrangements of Bedroom and the Bed Heading.  

11. Is the Stove important? How to use the Stove to improve good luck and avoid bad luck?

12. Can Feng Shui help a family who suffers a lot of illness?

13. Can Feng Shui help a couple who has not been able to conceive a child?

14. How to use Feng Shui to alleviate problems with Back Stabbing People or Legal Burdens?

15.    How to promote Peach Blossom for romance or marriage?
Is Peach Blossom bad or good?

16. How to look for the Literary Art area to promote Academic Achievement     and Creative Thinking?

17. The Bed’s location – where to avoid?

18. Is Mirror really useful as a Feng Shui cure? How to use Mirror to promote luck for the house?

19.  Why use the Mirror to deflect an Outdoor Sha ?

20. How to determine what kind of Feng Shui Shas? How to resolve or avoid them?

21.  It is harmful to the neighbor if I hang a Ba-Gua outside? What is the     fundamental reason for this and what does it do to the house and people?

22. Shapes of Buildings and their meanings.

23. What is the influence of the Outside Roads to the main door of the house?

24. Water Feature, Fountain, Pond or Pool outside of the main door - What kind     of influence do they bring to the house?

25. When the Main Door is facing directly to the neighbor’s main door – Is it good or bad?

26. Some people display large Metal Swords or Knives in the living room, does it bring bad influence to the Feng Shui of the house?

27. How to determine the Outside Sha to the house and what to do?

28. River or Water Source near the house, it is good or bad?

29. Does it help to place Crystals in the house to improve Feng Shui?

30. What to do with the 5 Yellow Sha?

31. What are the Indoor Shas and how to treat them?
32. Does it bring Wealth Luck to the house if I keep an aquarium with fishes?

33. Will keeping Plants inside the house improve the Feng Shui in the house?

34. Is it important to implement Water Methods to the Yang House?

35. How long will it take to see the benefits after making Feng Shui Implements?
to the house or office?

36. What if the main door is Facing Directly at the Stairs? What to do?

37. Is it very bad luck to see the Mountain at the Door?

38. Feng Shui Implements – what are they for and how to use them.
39. What are the 5 Emperors Coins? How to use them?

40. Before moving-in to a place, is there a Ritual prior to Remodeling a new or previously owned property? How?

41. Why do we need to make a Moving-Earth Ritual before Digging Ground for building a building or major remodelling?

42. What is the Ritual for Moving-In?

43. What is Sha Violation? How to tell if I have made a violation?

44. What is the force of Tai Shui? What to do if someone has violated Tai Shui?
45. Considerations before Buying a New House with Ba-Zhai?

46. Is there any difference for the House luck with the Higher or Lower Floor of a building?

47. Can a Lo-Pan detect any Uninvited Spirit? If yes, what to do?

48. Is it auspicious to keep Pets in the house?

49. Are there actually Unsuitable Houses for Yang People to live?

50. How to use Feng Shui to cure illness?

51. What are the Ba-Gua meanings in relations to the human body and internal organs?

52. What are Kan (1) gua person’s violations and health issues?

53. What are Kun gua (2) person’s violations and health issues?

54. What are Zhen (3) gua person’s violations and health issues?

55. What are Xun gua (4) person’s violations and health issues?

56. What are Qian (6) gua person’s violations and health?

57. What are Dui gua (7) person’s violations and health issues?

58. What are Gan (8) gua person’s violations and health issues?

59. What are Li Gua (9) person’s violations and health issues?

60. Where to install the Altar for the Gods and or Ancestors?

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