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Course Synopsis


Auspicious Day Selections  Professional Series

In formal Chinese Metaphysics term:  “Day Lessons”. (日 課 Rý-KÚ)

Day Selections is a very useful fundamental knowledge in order for Feng Shui and non Feng Shui practitioners to take better control of the timing and locations of events. It is to understand the limitations as well as to empower a situation to take flight.

For Feng Shui practitioners, this is an advanced learning to compliment their Feng Shui knowledge. Auspicious Day Selection is particularly useful in order to offer a higher level support to their clients, especially when they need to make alteration with recommended construction work, implementing projects and personal events.

I strongly believe that one can only learn Chinese Feng Shui and its related metaphysical knowledge effectively - providing that  they can identify the directions with the relation of the 12 Earth Branches. Therefore, I encourage all students to have prepared with a solid knowledge base of the 10 Stems and 12 Branches in Chinese before coming to this class.

During the course, I will be using the traditional terms for directions with 12 Earth Branches from the 24 mountains and the 8 palaces.  To keep it at a professional level, we will no longer be using NE2, S3 and SE1, etc. etc.

I will begin ADS Pro Fast Track by focusing on “How to find the months and dates in Chinese Calendar".

Practical work will be given at the end of the second day.

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Chinese Calendar:

All students must use the Chinese Calendar that I have specified. This is to streamline the class time for better efficiency as well as the flow of learning; moreover, I have found this is the most comprehensive Chinese Calendar available in the market. 

Due to the mixed varieties of Chinese calendars being used,  it is extremely time consuming, as well as very difficult to make direct references with the students during the class.

This is because most of these Chinese calendars have only limited supplemental information after the calendar pages. The most common little yellow Chinese Calendar is informative, but it is strictly in Chinese, even down to the the years! -  Which is hard for non Chinese students!

Please check, if you have a Chinese Calendar like the one in the picture, if not, you would then need to order one upon making your class registration.

This pocket small size calendar (14cm x 10.5cm x 2cm)

Please order from the Feng Shui Pro Shop "fs pro shop"


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