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    Course Synopsis

   Auspicious Day Selection
   Professional Series

   ADS Pro Fast Track

   This Course is very intensive due to the vast amount of information to be             taken in 3 days.

    It is suitable for post graduate Feng Shui students or those with                    
    equivalent knowledge.

   All students must know how to write the 24 mountains in Chinese.

    Otherwise, you  will be doing a disfavor to the rest of the class if you                     consistently slowing the class's progress.

   Everyone will learn how to use and  will be able to navigate between the      
   pages of the Chinese Calendar with full confidence by the end of the first day.

 for all future Auspicious Day Selection courses.



Brief history of Time and Date Selection for the Chinese

 How to find the dates in Stems and Branches in Chinese Calendar

The Chinese Tong Shu
Though sometimes it seemed ambiguous; but it is the most commonly used method for choosing an Auspicious day by ordinary “Layman” Chinese. In this course, I will explain the significance of each 12 Day Gods/Guards and their names. We then will make further understanding about the various applications of the 12 Day Gods/ Guards.

How to calculate and find the 12 Day Gods/Guards without a Tung Shu

三 煞 Three Killings Sha

The year, month and Day clashes

楊公 Master Killing Days

搬遷習俗 Chinese Moving in Procedures

董 公擇日 Master Tung’s Day Selection Classic

This subject will show us how to find “The Possible from The Impossible” dates and vice versa with the 12 Day Gods/Guards.  Sometimes it is surprising to find that the seemingly perfect day is not so perfect after all! We will learn that NOT all Auspicious or Inauspicious Days are created equal!

二 十八宿  The 28 Constellations
The 28 Constellations method  is considered as an extension to the 12 Guards/Gods systems for Auspicious Day Selections.  They are mainly used for further ascertaining the usability of a day.

十 惡大敗日  The Ferocious No Wealth and Disaster Days
These negative days are based on the Death and Emptiness calculation from the 60 Gia Zi calendar and they are most inauspicious for all dealings with wealth and business.

人 命煞  Personal Life Sha
This is a very personalized method.  We use the occupant(s)’ BaZi Year, Month and Day Pillars to make investigation of the “Time and Repair Location”; just so that he/she is safe from making violation of the “Personal Life Sha” with major repairs, breaking ground or construction work.

* Please note:
This has nothing to do with deciphering BaZi, therefore, BaZi reading knowledge is not required. I do not plan on teaching how to plot BaZi
4 Pillars during this course as there are several free BaZi calculator websites readily available in the internet.

六十甲子吊宫擇日  The 60 Gia Zi Palace System
郭璞 Guo Pu (276-324), the original author of this classical system, has written many famous classics,including
the Burial Book  葬書 

The 60 Gia Zi Palace System is not just for selecting an auspicious day, but it is particularly targeted for those who are looking for the relief of illness and legal burdens.

In this course, we will go through the complete system, step by step, to learn how to make the calculation and application in order to activating the auspicious energy through making repairs in the relevant selected area.

Of course, let me introduce you to those powerful Noble Helpers that are famous for their abilities in dispelling all shas and even can offer a "Helping Hand" for luck and leading the way to success!

 Day Selections

解神 官符 Relief God and Official Talisman

納音運算 Na Yin Luck Method

替宮運算 Substitute Palace Luck

三殺 The 3 Killing Shas of Tai Shui

建祿 篇  Promotion Luck

驛馬 The Travel Horses Luck

貴人 篇 The Yin and Yang Noble Helpers

擇日 宜忌 Discerning the Suitable and Unsuitable in ADS


八煞黄泉 Eight Killings Yellow Spring 

沖 破 穿 刑
Clashes, Destructions, Harms and Punishments

The punishments for the 12 month guards/ gods

伏吟 Hidden Siren  

五不遇 The Five Controls - A Horrific Situation!

宜篇 Suitable  

三合 The Three Matches

天 德貴人  月德貴人
 The supreme power - Heaven and Moon Virtue Noble Helpers

太歲 歲破 Tai Shui (The Grand Duke) and Shui Po

六十甲子天人沖  60 Gia Zi heaven and Human Clash

The Six Inauspicious Birth-Years associated with Tai Shui and
Shui Po.

Your relationship with Tai Shui of the Current Year

Master Guĭ Gŭ(Ghost Valley)

Selecting the 吉時 Auspicious Hour of the day

Locating the Directions of & nbsp;空亡 “Death and Emptiness” and the
very unwelcome 鶴神  "Crane God"  of the day

Locating the Directions of  喜 神 "Happiness God"
and 財 神 "Wealth God" of the day

A Quick and Basic Method for Auspicious Months and Hours

Although this method will not provide a lot of details; but it is, nevertheless,
a very fast way to calculate simply Day Selections in a hurry!

Auspicious Day Selections Basic Rules

--  End --


*  Chinese Calendar - please read the "Introduction of Auspicious Day Selections" page to check if you have the Chinese calendar that is specifically used for this course.  Otherwise, please  pre-order a copy from Mimi before attending  this class.

Please order from the  Feng Shui Pro Shop "fs pro shop"

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