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Course Synopsis

Auspicious Day Selection Professional Series

Pro Xuan Kong Da Gua  玄空大卦擇日

The nuclear of XKDG is the “Communication” between the guas.

Xuan Kong Da Gua Auspicious Day Selection (XKDG-ADS) is to identify the Communication between the guas and uniting these guas into a powerful unit, so that the energy of these guas can work as one.

A successful  “Communication” is to be able achieve “Two Objectives” under strict criteria.

The first objective is to unite the power between the guas.

The second objective is to secure the output of “energy” between the guas – so that the guas can re-enforce each other and become one whole body of energy.

The four  “Communication” criteria :

1. The Gua Luck Communication  卦運交通

2. The Five Elements Communication  五行交通

3. The Family Guas Communication  親緣交通
4. The Seven Stars Robbery Communication 七星打劫

The same rules and theories are applicable to the Mountain 山家 (the Location) and equally, for the Master 主命(the Person).

If the Master主命, Mountain山家and an Auspicious Day Selections
日課 can successfully establish their ”Communication” connection to one or all  -  these guas; can generate and channel their individual auspicious energy to each other like a spider web!

This is, the unity of Heaven 日課(Day Selection) Earth山家(Mountain) and Man主命(Master) !!!

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Course Synopsis Auspicious Day Selection Pro Xuan Kong Da Gua

*  Chinese Calendar - please read the "Introduction of Auspicious Day Selections" page to check if you have the Chinese calendar that is specifically used for this course.  Otherwise, please  pre-order a copy from Mimi before attending  this class.

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