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Course Synopsis


Questions and Answers for Yang House
(San He) Feng Shui

An informative course for both layman Feng Shui enthusiasts and professional Feng Shui consultants.

There is no requirement of previous Feng Shui knowledge or using a Lo-Pan (Chinese FS Compass).

The title says it all - This course will be taught and discussed in a question and answer format with graphs and photos presentation.

This is a perfect chance for those who would like to understand practical Feng Shui but never had the time or opportunity for learning Feng Shui.

Feng Shui "First Timers" will not be feeling intimidated due to their lack of previous Feng Shui training because everyone will be learning from an equal platform in this course.

Please check the Course Synopsis for a list of all questions.

Another perfect course to bring a friend!

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