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Course Synopsis


Bazi Feng Shui

Regulating Feng Shui and to improve one’s life path luck with Bazi Favorable elements.

Bazi basic knowledge is required.

We get ill when our body’s 5 elements are out of balance – for the same reason, our life is in chaos; when the 5 elements in our life are out of balance.

Bazi Feng Shui is not a replacement for the traditional external and internal Feng Shui methods. Instead, it is a way to enhance the person’s life path luck by fine-tuning and tapping into the Bazi Favorable elements on a very customized and personal basis.

It is also a very good alternative when traditional Feng Shui arrangements are not possible.

This course requires the basic level of knowing how to determine a person’s Bazi is weak or strong; subsequently, to be able to decide his/her Favorable elements.
(During the course, I will accept using of Bazi APP programs if the students so wish to do so.)

                                  * **** *
Baizi Feng Shui is a relative new subject and a new territory for Feng Shui practice. Although this method has been written and mentioned in some books, but we are yet to see a boo
k that is specialized for this topic.

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