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Course Synopsis


Perception Feng Shui
 “The Meanings of the scene”.

Our living area represents many things in the human body, family relationship and daily life.
To name a few examples:

The door: The mouth.
The kitchen: The liver.
The toilet: kidneys and excretion organs.
The hallway: The stomach and the intestines.
The Living Room: The heart.
The foot of the wall or the edge of the ceiling: bones or teeth.
The main door’s door frame: the jaw and teeth bed.
Area that produce energy: Liver meridian.
Area that has flowing water or pipes: Glands.
Electrical wires: Blood veins.
Food: Nutrition
Books: Thinking.

Anyone can learn and use Perception Feng Shui - Even for those who do not have any previous fundamental knowledge of Feng Shui!

Perception Feng Shui does not require using the Lo-Pan (Chinese Feng Shui Compass) to take measurement for directions, it can therefore, only focus on the human side of Feng Shui in terms of the good results for health and luck. The emphases are mainly on the living conditions, thinking process and household furniture adjustments.

The results of Perception Feng Shui can be different for each individual according to their human luck, their attitude and their willingness to make the necessary adjustments.

For Feng Shui consultants; this can be a very powerful Feng Shui application when it is incorporated with the 巒頭 Luan Tou (Land Form) and 理氣 Li Qi (Direction and Time) Traditional Chinese Feng Shui methods.

Feng Shui "First Timers" will not be feeling intimidated due to their lack of previous Feng Shui training because everyone will be learning from an equal platform in this course.

Bring a friend!

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