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Course Synopsis 

Perception Feng Shui
"Meanings of the Scene" 

No previous Feng Shui knowledge is required!

This course will be taught and discussed with graphs and photos presentation.

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1.     The main door represents the face of a         person –

2.     Main door facing the toilet –

3.     Main door hitting other doors during      opening and closing –

4.     Cracks or bad electrical connection cables     on the wall of main door –

5.     Forcing an electrical cable through the bottom of the door –

6.     Hanging heavy items on the door –

7.     Using a piece of clothe to half cover the         window or door –

8.     Window or door at the opposite end of the     main door (narrow hallway) –

9.     Window or door at the opposite end of the     main door (wide hallway) –

10.    A wall appears immediately inside the main   door entrance –

11.    The main door also represents the mouth of   a person –

12.    The main door is tilted in a large angle –

13.    The main door is obstructed by clutter –

14.    Unused existing doors –

15.    A loose and broken main door –

16.    Hanging plastic bags on door knob for           collection of garbage –

17.    Moving water feature –

18.    Moving objects or pictures with suggestion of movement –

19.    Too many closets and showing little or no wall space –

20.    Water leaks or holes on the wall –

21.    Clutter in the bedroom –

22.    Water logged or water damaged floor –

23.    Too dark or dirty –

24.    Clutter in the bedroom also on the bed –

25.    Air-conditioner too loud or too close to the     bed –

26.    Tall closets being too close and suppressing   the bed –

27.    Suspending storage units over the bed –

28.    Bed-head against the wall of the bedroom     door –

29.    Bedroom too small or the door facing the       kitchen –

30.    Too many mirrors –

31.    No solid support for the bed-head –

32.    Metal knife or sword weapons at bedside –

33.    Clutter in bed –

34.    Bed too high –

35.    Owner or parents taking smaller room than     the guest of children –

36.    Dirty window or permanently unopened         window –

37.    The bed room represents the lungs and the   heart –

38.    Bedroom and pregnant woman –

39.    Pregnant woman should beware of –

40.    Ceiling light fixture –

41.    Bedroom door facing the toilet –


42.    Open style kitchen –

43.    Cooking Stove being too high or too low, or   cannot face straight to the stove while cooking  –

44.    Sink at the corner of the kitchen or facing     directly at the kitchen door –

45.    Kitchen door is facing directly to the house’s main door –

46.    Repairing stove must use auspicious day –

47.    Kitchen door facing the living room –

48.    Kitchen storage or shelves are tightly packed with no space  –

49.    Two stoves cooking separately for different   individuals on a daily basis –

50.    Stove is in the inappropriate place –

51.    Fire represents Infections and Pain –

52.    Kitchen without a door –

53.    Kitchen in the North –

54.    Washing Machine in the kitchen –

55.    Water Dripping –

56.    The sink and the stove being next to each     other –

57.    Kitchen is Fire –

58.    Fire burning heaven gate –


59.    Toilet door facing the main door or opening   outward –

60.    Toilet in the wealth location –

61.    Toilet door is rotten or broken –

62.    Toilet has been converted into a room but the drainage and water pipes are not removed –

63.    Toilet water tank –

64.    All drainage pipes in the house represent the excretion system of our body –

         Living Room:

65.    Overly exposed to bright sun light –

66.    The  joining area of the wall to the ceiling and the wall to the floor –

67.    The door frame –

68.    Staircase at the middle of the house –

69.    Dining table is full of clutter –

70.    Living room is full of clutter –

71.    Refrigerator in the middle of the room being   away from the wall –

72.    Invisible divider –

73.    Large room but small furniture –

74.    Small room but large furniture –

         Passage and Hallway:

75.    Narrow passage or hallway –

76.    Scattered obstacles and clutter –

77.    Hallway that requires a tight turn to pass –

78.    Hallway with a fire place or improperly           covered electrical box –

79.    A large closet at the end of a hallway –

80.    A horizontal hallway or passage immediately after entering the main door (Stopped by a wall) –

        Our living area represents many things of         our body, family relationship and daily life:

81.    North West: The father, the elder male in the
house. (The person who brings the income.)

82.    South West: The mother and the elder female in the house.

83.    East: The eldest son.

84.    South East: The eldest daughter.

85.    North: The second son.

86.    South: The second daughter.

87.    North East: The third son and after.

88.    West: The youngest daughter and after.

89.    The door: The mouth.

90.    The kitchen: The liver.

91.    The toilet: kidneys and excretion organs.

92.    The hallway: The stomach and the intestines.

93.    The Living Room: The heart. (If using the       back door as daily entrance, this is the Abdomen.)

94.    The foot of the wall or the edge of the ceiling: bones or teeth.

95.    The main door’s door frame: the jaw and       teeth bed.

96.    Area that produce energy: Liver meridian.

97.    Area that has flowing water or pipes: Glands.

98.    Electrical wires: Blood veins.

99.    Food: Nutrition

100.  Books: Thinking.

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