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The Chinese Official Name Seal 

Showing your identity in a serious manner!

Chinese can skillfully fulfill the missing beneficial element(s) of a Bazi life plot in aid to achieve a more balance life!

Most importantly, one of the traditional Chinese customs in giving a name to a person is to first checking what is/are the missing or insufficient beneficial element(s) in this person's life plot .

The Chinese name will then be carefully chosen with the appropriate characters - either by the radical strokes of the words, meanings or sounds to fulfill these missing or insufficient beneficial element(s).

The Chinese Official Name Seal -
This is a custom made item with special service provided.
Each seal is unique to only you and you alone!


Small Official Name Seal:
Approximate Size: 2cm x 2cm
Price: €200     (Free Worldwide Shipping with Registration)

Colors of stone may vary.

Your name will be thoughtfully translated into an authentic Chinese name with auspicious meanings.


It will also be made up with characters of beneficial and missing life plot "Bazi" elements for a more balance life support. 

(Not in some random meaningless "phonetic sounds" created instantly at many tourist attractions!)

Unless meeting face to face -
Your name will be recognized by the Chinese as a "Chinese name of a Chinese person".
This will help demonstrate yourself as being interested in;  as well as familiar with Chinese culture.

Your uniquely chosen Chinese name will be engraved in a piece of natural stone decorated with  your birth year animal.

Complete as a set in a beautiful silk brocade gift box with red cinnabar oil ink in a porcelain pot.

Only authentic Cinnabar Oil Ink is considered as "Official" when used by the Chinese for their name seals or any official seals.


Your full name in English Spelling
Birth data in dd/mm/yyyy.
 (ie: 15th January, 1999 = 15/01/1999)

I will calculate the beneficial element(s) in your Bazi for you.

Alternatively - For those who already know his/her Bazi beneficial element(s) -
Please provide the information along with your full name in English spelling.

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