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International Luopan

It is not just any conventional Luopan -
It is my SUPER LUOPAN !!!

It will be your practical walking reference without carrying along a reference book!

It all started form notes and ideas on pieces of paper to realization - after two long years of constant alterations for improvement and numerous trips to the Far East... also, I am eternally grateful for the most painstaking editing help from my loving siblings - my International Luopan is now ready for shipping.

* The base of this Luopan is made of an ultra light non-conductive wood to enhance the blockage of electric or magnetic interference.

* About 1 kilogram in weight with the supplied carrying case.

* Size: 250mm x 250mm x 10mm

* The recessed tied- knots feature in the back enables practical
handling and avoiding breakage or scratching the furniture.

* A beautiful Early Heaven diagram is engraved on the back for aesthetics appearance and better grip during use.

* Large and clear needle and dial.

* Full color coding of elements through out.

* Comprehensively bi-lingual in Chinese and English.

* This International Luopan has 27 rings and it covers 36 popular San He and San Yuan formulae/applications.

* The photo with my Chinese name logo has a protective film on top. Once peeled, it's perfect! 

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Product Description:

1. The Stars – Name in Chinese/English, Number and Element with Color Code and Chinese.

2. Early Heaven Gua – Name in Chinese/English and Gua Number.

3. Late Heaven Gua – Name in Chinese/English and Gua Number.

4. Earth Plate (San He) – Direction and Yin/Yang.

5. Earth plate (True Needle) – Name in Chinese/English, Element with Color Code and Chinese.

6. Earth Plate (San Yuen) – Direction and Yin/Yang.

7. Earth Plate (San Yuen) –
Position of Earth, Heaven and Man Dragon.

8. Pure Gua  – Number, Name, Element with Color Code and Chinese.

9. San He Frame – 3 Harmony Frame and Na-Gia.

10. Shelter Mountain & Release Sha Formula.

11. Eight Roads Yellow Spring Sha Formula.

12. Broken Mountain Sha Formula.

13. Eight Palace Killing Sha Formula.

14. Five Ghost Carry Treasure Formula.

15. 120 Dragons Gold Division – Chinese Gia-Zi and Na-Yin Element with Color Code and Chinese.

16. Man Plate (Middle Needle) – Name, Direction and Element with Color Code and Chinese.

17. Ba Zhai (Eight Mansions) – Male and Female Guas for the year.

18. Ba Zhai (Eight Mansions) –
Chinese Gia-Zi Year and Western Calendar Year.

19. Ba Zhai (Eight Mansions) –
Chinese Gia-Zi Na-Yin Element with Color Code and Chinese.

20. Ba Zhai (Eight Mansions) – Gua and Good/Bad Directions in +/- % reference.

21. Xuan Kong Out Gua – The Out Guas and the Unaffected Areas/People.

22-26 are very useful reference for XKDG Auspicious Day Selections:
22. Xuan Kong 64 Gua – Each Gua is directly lined up with the corresponding Gia-Zi above.

23. Xuan Kong 64 Gua – Element for both Upper and Lower Guas.

24. Xuan Kong 64 Gua –
Gua Number.

25. Xuan Kong 64 Gua –
Gua Name.

26. Xuan Kong 64 Gua –
Gua Luck.

27. Heaven Plate (Seam Needle) – Name, Direction and Element with Color Code and Chinese.

28. I-Jing – Family Yaos.

29. I-Jing –
First and Top Yaos identification.

30. I-Jing –
64 Gua divination family relations.

31. I-Jing –
Question Yao & Wandering Soul/Returning Soul identification.

32. Seasons (24 Jie-Qi) – Season Cut-off date, Name in Chinese/English.

33. Qi Meng Dun Gia – Yin/Yang Plots and Dun Numbers.

34. Great Sun Formula – Sun at Mountain.

35. Precious Jewel Yaos.

36. The compass - 360 degrees.

Pricing and Order:

EUR €1199 or 1023 plus registered international shipping.
You can reserve a Luopan with a Euro 250 Deposit now.

Payment Methods:

Direct Transfer in Euro Bank or Pound Sterling Bank.
PayPal, Visa, Master Card or American Express.


Full payment prior to delivery

Mimi Moorhouse  曾美薇
November 30th, 2016 丙申年冬
San Francisco, Ca. USA

Post Script:

I have a great fascination with Luopans and I have accumulated a large collection of various types over the years.

Although all Luopans have many formula rings, I have yet to find a Loupan that offers a comprehensive coverage of formulae that are familiar to the majority of Feng Shui practitioners.

Through much observation, I have realized that most people are either confused or simply “don’t know” the different elements on each of the mountains in the Earth Plate, Man Plate and Heaven Plate rings!

Many formulae in the traditional Luopan are in Chinese. It is often impossible for the non-Chinese reading practioners to understand the contents beyond reading the 24 mountains. Sadly, most of these people would tend to end up only using the Loupan as an expensive compass with the 24 mountains!

It all started from just the elements issue - it has eventually prompted me to design a Luopan that has color coding on all the necessary formulae.

Most of all, I wanted to design a user-friendly International Luopan with a good consolidation of popular formulae in an easy comprehensible bi-lingual layout.

I’m very proud to say again…

It is more than a Luopan - It will be your practical walking reference without carrying along a reference book!

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