Wealth God for 2021
辛丑 Year

Date: 12th February 2021 Chinese New Year Day

Wealth God: East

Good Fortune God: South-west

Happiness God: North-west

Time: Zi 子, Yin 寅, Mao 卯, and Si 巳 hours.

The fifth day of Chinese New Year is the birthday of Wealth God, traditionally, this is also the day Chinese people begin the new year and resume their daily life for work. Therefore, many people would do the ceremony of receiving Wealth God on this day – asking blessings for a prosperous year to their business.

Date: 16th February 2021

Wealth God: South-east

Time: Yin 寅, Mao 卯, Wu 午 and Shen 申 hours. 

Mimi’s pledge:

I have made a pledge at the beginning of 2020.

With my humble intention, I want to dedicate some goodwill back to the work of metaphysics. All the profits from my future teachings will be used for donations to support “Speratum”, the cancer research in Costa Rica.

Speratun has successfully discovered the cure for pancreas cancer and they have started their final stage of testing on humans in September 2020. I was extremely impressed with their work and their donations management on my visit to the laboratory in Costa Rica this January. On a personal level, I understand this is far from discovering the cure for Brian’s Glioblastoma grade 4 brain cancer, however,  any cancer is bad cancer – many people have died from cancer.