Is Feng Shui a “100% solution” ?


Feng Shui takes its effects from Heaven Luck of timing and Earth Luck of environmental influence. There is no such a thing as “The Everlasting Prosperous Feng Shui” because the power of Heaven and Earth are forever changing.

It is impossible to chase after the illusive 100% solution in Feng Shui methods from any particular Py (Sect) of Feng Shui because each Py has its specialized effective formulae and equally, they certainly have their shares of shortcomings in some of their practice and beliefs.

There are always people who complains about certain Py’s (Sect) certain methods are not effective, etc. Let’s treat each Py’s Feng Shui knowledge, as a safe with secret codes and it needs a key along with a set of codes to open the safe. If you have the key but unable to decode the lock, you will never be able to open this safe! Therefore, we must practice Feng Shui with an open mind and clarity of the knowledge. We should be flexible in utilizing different Py’s formulae in our assessments. Through wisdom and time in practicing the skills, we will come to our own conclusion on choosing the appropriate method in different applications of Feng Shui.  Remember, there is no100% solution in Feng Shui!

Mimi Moorhouse  
22 December 2005
Balikpapan, Boneo
曾 美 薇   乙酉年冬 


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