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Learning Feng Shui – a very difficult challenge


We would all agree that learning Feng Shui is a complex subject and it is further complicated with language and cultural barriers to the people from a foreign countries. There is also the general misconception of Feng Shui as being the mysterious Chinese “superstition” or even thought of as Chinese “Voodoo”!

The most important reason remains with the Karma of Life. It is well and good if a learner uses Feng Shui to help people and accumulate good deeds in their life, but if this learner uses Feng Shui to cheat and harm people; then they are not only creating their own bad karma, but it sometimes will go back as far as effecting their own Feng Shui master’s karma! 

It is a well know fact that much of the Feng Shui knowledge has been lost through thousands of years with time, it is also true that many masters in the past had taken their own sects’ Feng Shui secrets to the grave with them by choice due to not having found a worthy disciple to pass on the knowledge. 

In order to preserve the lineage of these fine formulae and skills, some masters had decided to write down the Feng Shui knowledge in books. However, they constantly had to face a fine line such as trying to express the best knowledge of Feng Shui and trying not to disclose all the exclusive secrets to the public. Generations later, we now have many confusing classical references and much debatable dilemmas of Feng Shui.

Many people have doubts in Feng Shui; in the meantime, they also enjoy entertaining themselves with the Chinese theory of prime necessities in life, such as  “First Life, Second Luck, and Third Feng Shui”. These people’s opinions of Feng Shui are usually either too high or too low due to the lack of the true understanding of the meanings of Feng Shui.

Why Feng Shui? 
Feng Shui makes us understand that we are constantly living under the influence of Heaven, Earth and Man luck. 

What are Heaven, Earth and Man?
Heaven: is about what we are given; born with and destined to have at the minute we were born – things that we cannot change. These include what do we look like, the colors of eyes and hair, body shape and height, character and health, gender and race, parents and siblings, country and place of birth and born poor or wealthy etc.

Earth: is about temperature, weather, time, directions, magnetic filed and living environment (This is where Feng Shui plays the important role.)

Man: is about our growing process. What kind of path do we choose to walk in life?

What can Feng Shui do to us?
Using Feng Shui to select and fine-tuning a living condition can enable the residents to live more harmoniously with the environment for better health, wealth and marital bliss. Feng Shui can empower a person to identify opportunities through working hard and making good future planning. 

Mimi Moorhouse
08 August 2005
Grand Rapid, Michigan
曾 美 薇  乙 酉 年 夏


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