Dear Friends and Students:

Chinese New Year is later than usual this year. It is on the 12th of February, which comes after the Coming of Spring on 3rd February. 

I have prepared the dates and directions for receiving the Wealth, Happiness and Good Fortune Gods for this year. Moreover, I have also included the date for Wealth God’s birthday, which is another popular day for receiving the Wealth God. (

On the website, you can find two scheduled charity courses for March with German translation.Please sign up with me directly. (

Whatsapp has issued their ultimatum to its clients with the threat of deleting accounts on February 8th if the clients do not agree to let Whatsapp hand-over the clients’ privacy data and conversation contents to FaceBook. The deadline has now been postponed to May 15th. However, I disagree but I will stay with Whatsapp until they cut me off. You can find me at Telegram, Signal or SafeChat anytime. +44-7778673888.

Since now I have a new website and I would like to organize my mailing list more efficiently. Please do me a big favour: If you are still interested in receiving my future newsletters, please just drop me a reply email (with or without any word), but it is just to show me that you would like to continue receiving my newsletters. If I do not hear any response, you will still receive two more newsletters from me, then your email address will be removed from my list afterward.

Good news!  I now have received my first Pfizer vaccination last week!

Warmly, Mimi

Still deep in Second-Wave lockdown – England

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