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January 26th 2021 England

Dear Friends and Students:

Chinese New Year is later than usual this year. It is on the 12th of February, which comes after the Coming of Spring on 3rd February. 

I have prepared the dates and directions for receiving the Wealth, Happiness and Good Fortune Gods for this year. Moreover, I have also included the date for Wealth God’s birthday, which is another popular day for receiving the Wealth God. (

On the website, you can find two scheduled charity courses for March with German translation.Please sign up with me directly. (

Whatsapp has issued their ultimatum to its clients with the threat of deleting accounts on February 8th if the clients do not agree to let Whatsapp hand-over the clients’ privacy data and conversation contents to FaceBook. The deadline has now been postponed to May 15th. However, I disagree but I will stay with Whatsapp until they cut me off. You can find me at Telegram, Signal or SafeChat anytime. +44-7778673888.

Since now I have a new website and I would like to organize my mailing list more efficiently. Please do me a big favour: If you are still interested in receiving my future newsletters, please just drop me a reply email (with or without any word), but it is just to show me that you would like to continue receiving my newsletters. If I do not hear any response, you will still receive two more newsletters from me, then your email address will be removed from my list afterward.

Good news!  I now have received my first Pfizer vaccination last week!

Warmly, Mimi

Still deep in Second-Wave lockdown – England

Mimi’s pledge:

I have made a pledge at the beginning of 2020.

With my humble intention, I want to dedicate some goodwill back to the work of metaphysics. All the profits from my future teachings will be used for donations to support “Speratum”, the cancer research in Costa Rica.

Speratun has successfully discovered the cure for pancreas cancer and they have started their final stage of testing on humans in September 2020. I was extremely impressed with their work and their donations management on my visit to the laboratory in Costa Rica this January. On a personal level, I understand this is far from discovering the cure for Brian’s Glioblastoma grade 4 brain cancer, however,  any cancer is bad cancer – many people have died from cancer.