Dear Students and Friends!

Summer is disappearing fast but at least the UK has regained most of our freedom of movements from lockdown since July the 19th.We pray, beg and hope that this will last!

I was invited by the Association of Feng Shui Consultants in Australia as their speaker at the International Feng Shui Convention in Melbourne on October 15th and 16th this year.

Due to travel restrictions and more C-19 issues, I was asked to make a video presentation about Auspicious Day Selections and particularly featuring the Xuan Kong Da Gua and Pro Fast Track courses.

To me, it always seemed so natural and effortless for those YouTubers talking in front of no-one but just the camera – but for me, it was an impossible task and I wore myself out on each take! It took me many days of trying and re-trying – believe me,I had many, many takes! :))) 

Being inexperienced with this recording novelty – I found it very awkward to speak to no-body! My son had even suggested that I put all the stuffed animals in front as my audience… of course, they were useless! :)))))  Anyway, with such a huge relief, I did it at the end. This tells me that I will never become a successful YouTuber even if I wanted to! 

I do wish to extend my gratitude wholeheartedly to the Australian organization team, Jancy Lew and President Kony Kang, for their patience and empathy toward my “filming” plight.

Our Bazi Reference Knowledge was a great success with a great turn out! There was a vast difference in time zones across the globe ranging from Costa Rica, Russia, France, Tahiti, Germany, Switzerland and myself, in England, but we managed it well and we were all happy.  

It is my plan to teach The Bazi Reference Knowledge Part II in October.

Time: Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th November 2021 from 1800 to 2200 for Central Europe time zone. Mr. Johann Bauer is very kind in volunteering French translation for us once again for this course.

The course fee is €375 and please find the course details in the synopsis page.

*For my students from Part I – who have expressed their intention on taking this Part II course – please kindly drop me a quick reply for yes or no, so that I can make further planning? Thank you!

Not to bore you with yearly accounting details, but just a quick note on my most recent charity project activities:

On Bazi Reference Knowledge in June, I have raised a total of €4421.58 after all the expensive banking and PayPal charges.I made a donation of $6,000 to Speratum in Costa Rica in July and £3,000 to Sue Ryder Hospice UK in April.  Some of my course guests have been making donations independently to their own charities on my behalf. Thank you.

With much appreciation, thank you all – for your very kind support in participating in these worthy causes.

I wish the best of luck and good health to all of you around the world, stay safe and stay positive that we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


Mimi (Still in England!!!)

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