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Shas 煞 (Negative Qi Force)
Face Pricking Sha


Where did the name “Face Pricking Sha” come from? 

Face Pricking 刺青(Tattoo) was one of the ancient punishments. This was mainly used for sex criminals as they tattoo the subject of the crime directly on the forehead of the person, so that this criminal will be shamed for life.

As for Feng Shui application, this applies to situation such as when there is a broken object facing the house. This negative qi force denoted the residents can be easily being lead to illegal behaviors involving with money and or romantic affairs.  

In some minor cases, it brings money coming and going without being able to retain and keep it; or having fallen into false loving traps.

For the more serious cases, it can bring loss of wealth and heart breaking romance; metal related injuries or the threat of going to jail.

When a house has the violation of Face Pricking Sha, the house can also suffer many unexpected damages; such as leaking roof, blocking toilet, frequent burglaries, great loss of wealth and injuries. Moreover, the residents can lose money due to greediness and talking too much with gossips, getting mugged in the street or when traveling.

How to identify the Face Pricking Sha? 

Examples: If the front of the house has a tall tree with sharp pointing branches aiming at the center of the front; or if the house is situated very near a mountain or hill (No matter if the residents can see it or not.) which has many bare and strange looking rocks poking out, etc.

Face Pricking Sha belongs to the element of Metal. 
It is best to VOID it with Wood and Water. 
The most common way to cure this sha is to put three water plants at the front door or on the balcony.

Pay extreme precaution in regards to the timings of the the 5 yellow, 3 killing, Tai Shui, Shui Po and the 2 Sickness Star, etc.

Mimi Moorhouse

San Francisco
May 20th, 2011 辛卯年


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