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The Feng Shui of your study desk
and the Literary Art Location (Part 1)


Activities Balance in Yin and Yang

Many people like to put the study desk in their sleeping bedroom. Majority of them are due to space restriction; also it is convenient to consolidate the personal space all in one room. 

This may be a good solution for space, but it is not a wise thing to do from the Feng Shui point of view! A study room is a place for study and work, it is Yang, sleeping room and sleeping bed are for resting and they belong to Yin. To study or work on a Yang study desk in the Yin element sleeping room violates the Activities Balance of Yin and Yang and it will affect the quality of the rest and sleep. 

If possible, it is best to separate these two areas in order to obtain higher working or studying efficiency as well as getting a better quality rest in sleep.

What if it is impossible to separate the two? 

The solution would be to create two separate spaces within the sleeping room. For example, one can use a screen, bookshelf and or living plants, etc.

The principle of study desk arrangement:

Remember! Regardless of whether the study desk is located in a study room or in the bedroom – the Feng Shui principle still applies. We need to observe the rules of avoiding clashes and shas and seek for ways to keep the gathering qi.


1.    Unsentimental study desk

Unsentimental means no gathering qi, they reflect different effects in different situations.

Back facing the door

This is to describe the desk’s facing is at the opposite of the door. 

This condition encourages the person to become “distance” to friends and family. It also denotes poor inter-personal relationships and it brings negative effects to work and study performance.

Without support in the back

No matter if the study desk is facing a wall, or to a window for better view and sunlight, the negative effect is the lack of support from the back. 

This violation denotes poor inter-personal relationship and unsatisfactory results from studies and work. The major negative set back is the inability to get support or gaining appreciation from the bosses, colleagues, subordinate staff, teachers or fellow students.

Without support from all four directions

This is a serious violation – when the study desk is located in the middle of room and there is no wall or heavy object to offer support from any of the four directions.

This is similar to “Without support in the back” – except that the negative effects for this one are doubly strong.

2.    Violation of Clashes

Straight Clash

When the study desk is in a straight line with the door, it is called Straight Clash. The person at the desk is constantly affected by the strong incoming qi from the door and it denotes lacking of concentration and poor memory, consequently it brings dissatisfactory school results and poor work performance at the office.

Horizontal Clash

This is when the study desk is at a 45˚angle to the door. The person sitting at the desk is subjected to the door’s strong qi aiming at the left or right side.  This clash affects the well being, the work and thinking process of the person – although it is similar to “Straight Clash” the strength of this one is lesser than before.

Back Clash

This means the person sits with the back to the door, in the meantime, it also violates the “Without support in the back” as well as the “Straight Clash”! 

This is like having opened a “Jar of Worms”! This violation is not only just denoting poor inter-personal relationship – it also affects the inability to get support or gaining appreciation from the bosses, colleagues, subordinate staff, teachers or fellow students. Moreover, the lacking of concentration and poor memory also brings dissatisfactory school results and poor work performance at the office.


3.    Sentimental desk

Good support

Having good support in the back at the desk meaning there is a wall or heavy structure in the back of the chair 

This is a good Feng Shui arrangement! It denotes getting good help from the nobleman, gaining appreciation and promotion from the superior at work as well as getting support from colleagues and subordinate staff. There is harmony between fellow students and good scholarly rewards from the teachers.
Being Sentimental 

Being sentimental means the qi can gather in front – it brings good luck and generate happiness. 

How to make this sentimental arrangement? 

Simple! Just make sure the person can see the door from the study desk or work desk, moreover, without the clashes! 

Literary Art Position

What is the most suitable position for a study room?

The Literary Art Position!
Literary Art is famous for enhancing fame – it is particularly auspicious for studying, examinations, literary writing type of endeavor. 

The optimum thing to  do is to find the Literary Art location of the house for the study room –  further, placing the study desk in the Literary Art position in the study room!

At times, we may encounter limitation by the lay-out of the house; in this case, we often rely on placing certain Feng Shui ornaments in the Literary Art position in order to promote the prosperity of this intention. 

The most common Feng Shui ornaments for Literary Art are Writing Brushes and Bamboo Plants. The number is always 4.

Generally, there are several methods for finding the Literary Art Positions. I will introduce two of the most often used methods here:

Current Year Literary Art Position

Current Year Literary Art Position is where the 4 Green Flying Star is located in any given year.

Its duration is 1 year and it is applicable to everyone in the house, nothing personal about it!

In 2009, the Literary Art Position is in the South, therefore, if the study room or the study desk are in the South, then the owner of the desk will be benefited from the help of this current year’s Literary Art luck.                                       

Mimi Moorhouse 曾美薇
Sofia, Bulgaria
May 29th, 2009


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