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The Five Yellow


Five Yellow: 
No ground digging, building work and installing new door.

Blood related disasters, loss of wealth and weakening of health,

5 Yellow and its relationship with the combination of other stars:

1 and 5: 
Ear problems. Gynaecological problems, Anaemia, Poisoning and Womb diseases.

2 and 5:  
Chronic illness, Stomach cancer, Spleen and stomach problem, Nicotine poisoning, Disaster and Death.

3 and 5: 
Foot problems, Taking poison, Liver diseases, Flu, Colds and Bitten by poison insects.

4 and 5: 
Problems with the hips, Stomach ulcer, Nicotine poisoning, Breast cancer, Laziness and No ambition.

5 and 5: 
Spleen and stomach problems, boils, Promiscuity, Imprisonment, Loss of wealth and Physical harm to the household. 

6 and 5: 
Tumour, Bone cancer, Illness with the head, Lung cancer, Hernia and Kidney stones.

7 and 5: 
Gossips and argument, Over dose, Lung disease, Large intestine disease, Law suits, Throat problems.

8 and 5: 
Stomach and digestive problems, Nose problems. Back ache, Tumour in the head, Trapped nerve and unfortunate happenings.

9 and 5:  
Small intestine cancer, Eye diseases, Stomach related ulcer, Fire disease and hemorrhage in the Stomach.


5 Yellow at the door: 
Loss of wealth, lingering illnesses affecting many family members, Unproductive and unappreciated at work.  Digging ground and installing door in the 5 Yellow area will bring blood related accidents.

1. Hanging 6 authentic Chinese coins that were minted and used from the prosperous emperors’ periods.
2. Hang a metal wind-chime  at the door.
3. Put a pair of metal Pi You (or Pi Xiu) at the door.
4. The Salt Cure.

5 Yellow at the cooking stove: 
Repeating illnesses to the family, children failing at school and studies. 

1. Put 4 metal coins under the cooking stove
2. Put a metal picture, metal wind-chime.
3. The Salt Cure.

5 Yellow at the altar for worship:
1. Hanging 6 authentic Chinese coins that were minted and used from the prosperous emperors’ periods.
2. The Salt Cure.

5 Yellow at the toilet:
Skin and Urinary problems.
1. Put a metal picture, metal wind-chime.

5 Yellow to the bed and working desk: 
Avoid this palace by sleeping or working in another room! 

1. Above the bed or desk: Hanging 6 authentic Chinese coins that were minted and used from the prosperous emperors’ periods.
2. Alternatively, a heavy metal ruler.
3.The Salt Cure.


Five Yellow and Health:

5 Yellow in the East and South East:  
Zhen and Xun are wood and when 5 Yellow is in these areas will bring in problems with the livers. Beware of Hepatitis and pay extra attention to food hygiene. There will be tendency to get broken arms and legs, also skin irritations and diseases.

5 yellow to the South: 
Li is fire and when 5 Yellow is in this area will bring eye problems. Be careful about heart and blood diseases.  Watch out for injuries caused by metal.

5 Yellow in the South West and North 
East: Kun and Gan are earth and when 5 Yellow is in these areas will bring stomach related illnesses. Beware of gastroenteritis and problems with the digestive system. Also beware of skin problems.

5 Yellow in the West and North West: 
Dui and Qian are metal and when 5 Yellow is in these areas can cause respiratory system problems, lung and gall diseases.

5 Yellow in the North: 
Kan is water and when 5 Yellow is in this area will bring kidneys and problems in the waist area. Pay attention to the urinary system.


For the Chinese, we use only the authentic Chinese coins from the 6 emperor and their reign have been long and prosperous.  This is because these coins would have been passed through many human hands and hence, have retained the prosperous qi from those years.

Queen Victoria of England, her reign lasted 64 years from 1837 to 1901, therefore, old coins that were minted and used during her period should carry the same effect.

The 6 prosperous long reign emperors from the Qing Dynasty are:

Shùnzhì   順治          1643-1661    18 years
Kāngxī   康熙            1661-1722     61 years
Yōngzhèng   雍正     1722-1735    13 years
Qiánlóng   乾隆         1735-1796     61 years
Jiāqìng   嘉慶            1796-1820     24 years
Dàoguāng   道光      1820-1850     30 years

Unfortunately, there are not many such authentic Chinese coins available in the common markets anymore. 

I have inherited a lot of old coins from my family and I have only been able to sort out 2 complete sets from over 150 coins!

What I have seen now days are  mainly fakes and reproductions, athough claiming to be real.

This is particularly notorious with many Feng Shui shops – they are the worst!

About 8 years ago, I have purchased 3 complete sets from an antique coin dealer in Hong Kong. He has moved since and now nowhere to be found! My next quest is to find him or someone who sells real coins in Hong Kong!

Saying that, I admit, I have been a fool and have bought some fake coins in the past also!

These fake coins are now buried in the garden at the Qian sector – 
at least it’s metal for metal!

Mimi Moorhouse
曾 美薇

Almaty, Kazakhstan
Coming of Spring, Geng Yin Year
庚 寅年 立 春 February 4th, 2010


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