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Choosing a House
with no Feng Shui Audit


Needless to say, to appoint a Feng Shui Master for a thorough audit is the most reliable and ideal thing to do when choosing a new house to live.

For some people who cannot afford the time and money to pursue hiring a trusted Feng Shui Master – there are a couple of old Non-Feng Shui ways to “make do” as an act of emergency! The accuracy will only be 60% -70% at the most, but there is no harm to try!

Method One:
Take a young (6 years and under) child with you to choose your house!

If this child enjoys playing around by discovering the house, then it is a strong indication that this place has an agreeable energy field for Feng Shui.

On the contrary, if the child cries and making fusses for wanting to leave, then the Feng Shui of this place is most likely not to be considered as auspicious. 

Method Two:
This method is only feasible if you can gain access to the property more than once in a day or two days in a row.

Put a tiny little dish with water in the center of the house in the morning. By evening time, return to the property and check to see if the dish still has 90% to 100% of the water remaining within. This is a good indication that this is a Qi Gathering property and it is good.

If the water in the dish has evaporated by one third or more, then it is a Qi Dispersing property (cannot gather Qi) and it is not a suitable place to live. This denotes unstable wealth luck to the residents.

On the contrary, if the water in the dish has increased its volume (high humidity condensation) – Then this house is definitely not suitable to live! This denotes poor health to the residents.
November 30th, 2016 丙申年冬
San Francisco, Ca. USA