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Water Observation Techniques and Their Influence


In Chinese Feng Shui metaphysics, WATER is one of the major back bones of the theory.

Therefore, we often hear the classic text quoting: 

山 管人丁水管財
“Mountain governs people and water governs wealth”.

Since the majority of the clients will be asking for Feng Shui adjustments to obtain wealth –  Being Feng Shui Master/Consultant, we must take super cautions in recognizing the nature and outcomes when dealing with water. 

The following are my accumulated information that I would like to share with all of you. I believe that this will give fundamental support and clearing much confusion for many beginners and advanced consultants of Feng Shui.

Reference for Water Definitions:

Straight Water:
River, Stream, Sea and Lake.
Virtual Water:
Bridge, Road, Tunnel and Escalator.
Bending Water:
Meandering water – coming in or going out.
Straight Water: 
Water coming or going out straight as an arrow.
Long Water: 
Water exiting far away – cannot see the incoming or outgoing point.
Short Water:
Water exiting nearby – incoming or outgoing point are within view.
Gathering Water: 
Water lingers or settles in front of the house or grave.
Dispersing Water: 
Water escapes or drains away in front of the house or grave.
Moving Water: 
Water is active with movement within sight distance. (Yang Water)
Calm Water: 
Water is calm with no or very little movement. (Yin Water)
Fast Water:
Water rushes through rapidly.
Slow Water:
Water moves through slowly.
Forward Water: 
Water flows through without hitting natural or man-made obstacles.
Reverser Water: 
Water flows through hitting natural or man-made obstacles.
Deep Water:
Deep water level area makes large volume water.
Shallow Water: 
Shallow water level area makes small volume water.
Large Water:
Water covers a large geographic area or large area of active water.
Small Water:
 Water covers a small geographic area or small area of active water.
 Wide Water: 
Large body of active water – such as Yellow River and YangZi River. 
Narrow Water:
 Narrow body of active water – such as brooks and small rivers, etc.
Clean Water: 
Clear and clean water.
Dirty Water: 
Polluted or murky water.
Good Sounding Water:
The sound of moving water is pleasant and pleasing to the ear.
Sad Sounding Water: 
Moving water that produces, weeping or lamenting sound.
Delicious Water: 
Water is delicious to the taste. Drinking water.
Decay Smelling Water: 
Polluted water with decaying smell.
Far Water: 
Water exists far from the house or grave.
Near Water:
Water exists near the house or grave.
Sentimental Water:
Water meandering and embracing the house or grave.
Unsentimental Water:
House or grave is outside of the water embrace.
Liquid Form Water: 
Water is active in liquid form.
Solid Form Water: 
Water in ice form, such as frozen lake, river and glaciers, etc.

Reference for Water Influence:

Water                                    Influence 

Real Water                           Strong influence
Virtual Water                         Less influence
Bending Water                     Auspicious 
Straight Water                      Inauspicious
Long Water                          Pro Positive 
Short Water                          Pro Negative
Gathering Water                   Auspicious
Dispersing Water                 Inauspicious
Moving Water                      Strong influence 
Calm Water                          Less influence
Fast Water                            Pro Negative
Slow Water                           Pro Positive
Forward Water                     Inauspicious
Reverse Water                     Auspicious
Deep Water                          Strong Influence
Shallow Water                      Less influence
Large Water                         Strong Influence
Small Water                         Less influence
Wide Water                          Strong influence
Narrow Water                       Less influence
Clean Water                         Auspicious
Dirty Water                           Inauspicious
Good Sounding Water         Auspicious
Sad Sounding Water            Inauspicious
Delicious Water                    Auspicious
Decay Smelly Water            Inauspicious
Far Water                             Less influence
Near Water                          Strong influence
Sentimental Water                Auspicious
Unsentimental Water            Inauspicious
Liquid Form Water               Strong influence
Solid Form Water                 Less influence
Round Shaped Water          Auspicious
Triangle Shaped Water        Inauspicious
Timely (Location) Water       Inauspicious
Untimely (Location) Water    Auspicious

In Feng Shui, there are many special terms describing certain states and conditions of water; such as Foot Cutting Water, Over Head Water, Flying Angle Water (Also called 45˚, Peach Blossom or Promotion Exit Water), Non Ming-Tong Water, Ming Tong Water, Dragon Mouth Water, etc. These are all very specific Feng Shui language – I shall be writing more about these water terms in due course.

Please drop me a feedback if this article is useful.

Mimi Moorhouse

15th July, 2010
庚寅年 癸未月
New Foundland and St. Pierre et Miquelon


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