An Interview about Auspicious Day Selections


Q:  What is the fundamental theory of Auspicious Day Selections?

Mimi: Feng Shui Trinity has the fundamental theory based on Tien 天 (Heaven), Di 地 (Earth) and Ren 人(Man).

For Auspicious Day Selections, we focus on the 2nd Trinity, that is 
Qi 氣, Form 形 and Day 日.

Qi 氣 is an abstract theory that is the metaphysical calculation of time.

Form 形 is for the things that we can see with our eyes.

Day 日is Auspicious Day Selections – it is to select an Auspicious Day and Time to enhance  the effectiveness of a FENG SHUI plotting or any other major endeavors in life.

Q:  What is the significance of the 2nd Trinity to Feng Shui?

Mimi: The 2nd Trinity works hand in hand to make a Feng Shui plot to work for its best.

Q:  Can you give us some examples?

Mimi: Let’s say a Feng Shui Master has made a FENG SHUI arrangement at someone’s house and now this house has a modified qi field in the environment. This is when an Auspicious         Day comes in to play – it is to put activation in motion, so that this qi field can work at its best for the house.

Q:  What benefit does an Auspicious Day offer?

Mimi: A good way to describe an Auspicious Day is like setting off a time bomb with a detonator – the result can be alarming if we can grasp the timing accurately!

Q:  What if we make FENG SHUI implantation without an Auspicious Day?

Mimi: If we ignore to find an Auspicious Day to initiate an expertly plotted FENG SHUI arrangement, then we are risking of getting a “Discounted” result. 

Q:  How much will be discounted?

Mimi: This is all depending on the auspiciousness of the day used and its direct influence to the FENG SHUI arrangement.

For example:  If a person has used an Inauspicious Day that clashes with a well plotted FENG SHUI arrangement, it can, then spoil the qi field of the house, it can turn out to be a waste of opportunity or a compromise of having less than 100% of its intended fortune.

Q:  Are there any exceptions?

Mimi: Of course, there are always some lucky people who happened to have used an Auspicious         Day without knowing it! Although it is possible, but we can’t be so lucky 100% of the time!

Q: Is ADS only limited to be used for FENG SHUI implementations?

Mimi:  Absolutely not! It is applicable to all matters in our daily life, such as moving house, building or renovations, installing a new door, a bed or a stove, making major repairs, moving ground, starting a new business, making interviews for a new job, arbitration, negotiation, signing contract, launching project, celebration and funeral, etc…and much more!

Q:  When we make the selection of an Auspicious Day, what do we need to take into consideration when a house is involved?

Mimi:  We use an Auspicious Day to start work in order to avoid violating or clashing with the existing FENG SHUI. But we must
consider the force of Tai Shui, Shui Po, 5 Yellow and 3 Killings areas.

Q:  What about the person?

Mimi:  First and foremost, we take great care to avoid selecting a day that clashes with the person involved!

Q: Do you have any other comments?

Mimi: Once we understand the fundamental of the Auspicious Day Selections timing concept, we must consider making an Auspicious Day for all FENG SHUI implements or any other important endeavors when possible. 

It is like turning on the ignition to kick start an engine!!!

(Berlin, Germany March 2009)


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