Feng Shui Remedy


When a person is ill, he takes medicine.
However, medicine often has side effects.

When a person wants to enjoy a better life, this person may look for help in Feng Shui by implementing Feng Shui enhancements (Remedies).

Feng Shui can be regarded as the “remedy” for treatment. But we must remember that it does not promise you a “New Body”! Moreover, it also can have certain side effects.

When applying Feng Shui enhancement, we must treat it as taking a certain type of medicine, therefore, we must be very careful with the following questions:

1.    Ask your “Doctor” (Feng Shui Master) what kind of side effects will this medicine (Feng Shui Formula) give you. In general, Literality Art, Prosperous Position and Wealth Position all have side effects.

2.    We must pay attention to the timing aspect of the side effects.

3.    When you are “Sick” (Problems), you must take a complete physical check-up (Over all picture). Do not just focus only one part of the body (house).

Mimi Moorhouse  
 Summer, 2005
  曾 美 薇   乙 酉 年 夏 


April 19th 2021 England

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