I chipped my front tooth while I was in Hong Kong 2 weeks ago but couldn’t do anything about it until I got back to England. 

While browsing at the bookstore upon my departure from the HK Airport, I noticed a book “Feng Shui for Love and Marriage” at the Metaphysics section. Hmmm… 

I opened the book, and I happened to be right at a page titled: Any chipped or broken tooth must be fixed immediately!!! Oops!!!

It said – A left broken tooth will affect the father and right tooth to the mother. 

Ok, I thought… it makes sense as Left represents the Green Dragon and Male while Right is White Tiger and Female in Feng Shui terms. 

It went on to say: Front teeth have more impact on Love and Marriage than parents – 

A lady student went to visit the teacher and he noticed her chipped front tooth and asked what has happened? 

She replied her front tooth was chipped a few months earlier​, ​​but the reason she came to see the teacher was to ask about if there was something wrong with her house Feng Shui​…

​She was in tears – because her husband had admitted to her that he was having an affair with someone else and that he wanted a divorce. 

​The teacher told her to get her tooth fixed immediately before investigating into the house Feng Shui! 

At the end – this lady went back to see the teacher a month later saying that a few days after she had her tooth fixed, her husband had a change of heart and now he was no longer asking for a divorce! 

Mimi Moorhouse  曾美薇November, 2015 乙未年冬

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