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Your Face and Feng Shui


Face Reading is something that I dabble on from time to time, but I thought it would be interesting and fun to use Feng Shui as a tool to substantiate the abstract concept of Face Reading.

The Upper Face:
The Forehead is the indicator of Nobility and quality of life. (Nobility does not mean being a part of the Royal Family! It means Recognition and Fame, Success and Achievement.)

In traditional Chinese Feng Shui, we first look at the Incoming Dragon (the mountain) and it is considered as auspicious to have protection by mountains or hills on both sides.

When reading a face, the part from Head down to the Forehead represents the Incoming Dragon. 
If the two sides of the Forehead are flat, narrow and indented, it is considered to be a sub-quality feature that brings very little luck to a person.

The Forehead also represents the Parents and the Destiny of the person from 15 to 30 of age. If the Forehead is nice and full, it denotes having good Parent supports and good life before 30 years old. (Please! Baby Fat does not count!)

The part between the two Eye-brows is the Ming-Tang (Open Court Yard or Bright Hall) and it should be wide and open without hair growth. The two Ears on the sides are the two small supporting hills for the Incoming Dragon. A good Ming Tong is a very good formation for early success in life.

On the contrary, if the Forehead is covered with large dark veins, scars, indented in places – similar to Land-form Feng Shui as a mountain scattered with broken rocks, dried patches of soil, unhealthy or dead foliage, it denotes the persons has poor luck during the age of 15-30

The Middle Face:
The Nose represents Wealth. If the Bridge of the Nose is strong and straight with good supporting Cheek-bones, this formation indicates Wealth.

For the Middle Fact, the Nose is the Tomb, the Bridge of the Nose is the Incoming Dragon, the Cheek-bones are the two supporting hills for the Incoming Dragon, the Mouth and the area between base of the Nose and Upper-lip is the Ming Tong.

It is considered as not a good formation when the Nose (not the Bridge) is strong and high, but it lacks the two Cheek-bones to offer support – as similar to the “Lonely House” scenario in Feng Shui. It denotes the person’s life having the tendency to suffer serious financial problems, such as bankruptcy or unemployment during certain periods in his/her life.

When the Nostrils of the Nose are too exposed (An up-turned nose), it is considered to be similar to an imperfect tomb in Feng Shui. Unless this person has other positive features to overcome or alter this formation, he/she would tend to have great difficulties in saving money or always has money issues! 

Eye Brows and Eyes are the small supporting mountains or hills to the Nose Incoming Dragon. If the Eye Brows are well defined and strong, the Eyes are sharp and full of vital spirit – these factors are considered to be the positive features that would heighten the quality of a person’s life. This feature formation offers the person a high quality of a good life with Wealth and Nobility.

The Lower Face:
Usually, the Lower Face tells tales of a person’s later part of his/her life (Old age). In this sector, the Mouth is the Tomb, the Nose is the Incoming Dragon, The area between the base of Nose and Upper-lip is the Dragon’s traveling veins, the Chin is the Ming Tong. 

Due to the fact that Lower Face reading also would consider the Bridge of the Nose as the “Start” of the Incoming Dragon, therefore, it is important to make reference to the reading of the Nose in the Middle Face. At the same time, the Incoming Dragon for the Nose and Bridge of the Nose is the Forehead in the Upper Face! Therefore, we need to consider all three Upper, Middle and Lower parts of the face when we read the Nose for the Lower Face. I call it “Chain Reaction”!

Learning Face Reading is like when we first started learning Feng Shui, everything seemed to be so easy – but not to realize or beginning to appreciate the complexity until we venture into the deeply layer of the knowledge! 

This is the same that applies to Feng Shui and other Metaphysics – Such as for Feng Shui beginners, we first learn the Front is the Ming Tong, the back is the Black Turtle which is the supporting mountain, the Left is Green Dragon, the Right is White Tiger.

Later, when we move into further studying, we would wonder… Back Supporting Mountain – Huumm… What shape should it be? Large or small? How large is large? Should it be far or near? A real mountain or a building? Are there broken rocks or trees, etc., etc.! It is that “Chain Reaction” again!

On this note – We ought to say “Congratulations” to ourselves when we have reached this juncture of our learning curve – Well Done!!

January, 2016乙未年末
Da-res-Saalam, Tanziania



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