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Your Face and Feng Shui

Face Reading is something that I dabble on from time to time, but I thought it would be interesting and fun to use Feng Shui as a tool to substantiate the abstract concept of Face Reading. The Upper Face:The Forehead is the indicator of Nobility and quality of life. (Nobility does not mean being a […]

What is a “Blind Year” 盲年?

Coming of Spring is the first Ji Qi (Season Qi) of the year for the Chinese Farmer Calendar, therefore, it is the beginning of a new year for metaphysic practice – it is also the official date for changes to take place for auspicious and inauspicious timing and locations for the year. Having been an […]

Why Chinese Leap Year has 13 months (Leap Month)?

Chinese Luna calendar is based on the moon’s orbital cycle to the sun.  A full orbital cycle for the moon to go around the sun is +/-29.5306 day.  It varies and depending on the length of the full moon and half moon of the month, therefore; some month will have 29 days and month will […]

Luen Tou巒頭 (Land Form) – Definitions, Characteristic and Identities

The Four Mountain Gods 四神 (Four Animals)Dragons 龍, Mountains山, Water水 The Five Elements Characters of Five Stars五星The identifies of the Nine Stars Mountains九星 The Four Mountain Gods 四神(animals): Red Phoenix in the front 前朱雀 •    If the mountain in front that is close to the site, it is called the Table Mountain 案山•    The mountain that […]