• The aim of this course is to demonstrate each topic with examples according to their unique rules and applications requirement.
  • This Bazi Reference and Knowledge course will be conducted in two or more sequel modules.
  • Each 8 hours course module will be covering 30 to 36 topics with language translation.
  • This is not a typical Bazi teaching course. Please be mindful that I will not discuss personal cases and taking questions during the class. As well, I will not be answering individual cases by email afterward.
  • This list below is for your information only as it will be updated from time to time with new topics.
  • Pre-Requisite: MUST – have basic Bazi knowledge 


  1. Do not get so inflexible when deciding on a strong or weak plot!
  2. Targeting your career according to your favourite element?
  3. Different industries and their elements
  4. The different schools of Bazi
  5. Time zone and weather consideration
  6. The four fundamental criteria in determining a weak or strong Bazi plot.
  7. Some plots have a strong appearance but they could be weak
  8. Too much wealth elements in a weak plot
  9. Some of the debatable Bazi plots
  10. How to determine the good and bad in the 10-years luck
  11. Which is more important – 10-years luck or the current year luck
  12. The 10 year luck influence to the strong and weak plot
  13. Strong plot but has no support and un-timely 10-years luck
  14. What is “Covering the Head and Clipping the Leg” in the 10-years luck
  15. How to support a weak plot?
  16. When there is a missing element in the Bazi plot
  17. Priority – take care of the 7 Killing!
  18. Death and emptiness in Bazi
  19. The four growth cycles in Bazi
  20. Different day master makes different character
  21. Does your character influence your destiny?
  22. Later years in life and children luck in Bazi
  23. What kind of people are likely to be compatible with you?
  24. Which kind of people are your noble helpers
  25. What are the differences in Bazi between a super rich and a common person?
  26. Who is likely to be the employer or the employee?
  27. A plot with all four “Prosperous Phase” Zi-Wu-Mao-You 子午卯西
  28. A plot with all four “Birth phase” Yin-Shen-Si-Hai 寅申巳亥
  29. What happens when a life plot has all YIN and all Yang


  1. Clashing of the year Tai Shui with the day pillar
  2. The clashing of day and hour pillars
  3. Clashing of earth branches in day and hour pillars
  4. What about the Heaven Control and Earth Clash?


  1. Who else has Tai Shui violation in 2021
  2. What to watch out for when trying to neutralize Tai Shui violation
  3. 2021 – the violation of heaven control and earth clash and what to do?
  4. Day master and the 3 punishment violation
  5. Three punishments violation – a major disaster?
  6. Violation of both hidden/reverse siren and Tai Shui happening at once
  7. What happens when a Bazi has a hidden/reverse siren violation?

Marriage / Peach Blossoms

  1. Can the Bazi reveal a happy lasting marriage?
  2. Some Bazi plots could indicate possible marital problems
  3. What kind of people has peach blossoms and travel horses?
  4. Romance and marriage in Bazi
  5. A bossy wife? When the day pillar is sitting on 7 killing?
  6. Why actresses have a higher percentage to have a divorce

Grave and Storage 辰戍丑未

  1. 2021 – A Grave and Storage year
  2. Grave and Storage – when it is a Grave and when it is a Storage?
  3. Is it necessary to clash the Wealth star or Officer star at Grave and Storage
  4. When the Officer star at Grave and Storage in Bazi

Combinations / Evolutions

  1. The specific conditions for a successful heaven stems match (combination)
  2. When the original elements have changed after a heaven stems match (combination)
  3. Earth branches matches (combination) are much more complicated then heaven stem matches
  4. Jealous match (combination) in earth branch – problem with marriage?

God and Sha Stars

  1. Romance and Happiness Star
  2. Lone and Solo Star
  3. Heaven and Moon Virtue Helpers Star
  4. Fui Gong Star
  5. Heaven Trap Star and Earth Jail Star


  1. What to watch out with a Friend structure (Promotion)
  2. What to watch out with a Rob Wealth structure (Goat Blade)
  3. Does Rob Wealth structure (Goat Blade) affect the marriage?
  4. Hurting Officer structure
  5. Five types of Hurting Officer structure character
  6. What is Super Strong structure
  7. The five types of Super Strong structure
  8. Surrendering Children structure (follow)
  9. Surrendering Wealth structure (follow)
  10. Surrendering 7 Killing/Officer structure (follow)