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Old Grand Master Wong
黃 老 仙 師 黃 大 仙


Old Grand Master Wong Chu-Ping was also known as “Chí Song Zi”  (Red Pine Monk) and he was believed to have been born in 328 A.D. though exactly where he was born is unclear. He was, and still is, an important Taoism immortal amongst the Chinese population along the south-eastern coastal regions of China.

Old Grand Master Wong was a shepherd at eight years of age. At fifteen, a high priest recognized his special qualities and offered to take him away to the mountain in order for him to learn to become a special monk.  

It was not until forty years later that he finally accomplished his learning of the way of Taoism and medicine on the mountain. He had lived this period of his life without any contact with the outside world. He sustained himself with pine seeds and other mountain vegetation as his staple diet.

There are many anecdotal stories about Old Grand Master Wong; the two most common ones are:  

(1)    When Old Grand Master Wong was re-united with his brother after forty years on the mountain, he turned stones into goats to prove that he had learned well during his absence. 

(2)    How Old Grand Master Wong tested the patience and kindness of General Zheng Liang, (also named Zheng Dou-Ling) by throwing his own shoe over the bridge three times and how Zheng Liang retrieved it for him on all three occasions without complaint. In the end, Zheng Liang was rewarded with a “Heaven Book” given by Old Grand Master Wong. This “Heaven Book” was said to have recorded all the powerful knowledge about the manipulation of weather, time and space, as well as information on skills in exorcisms. 

From the Heaven Book, General Zheng had made particularly good use of “Qi Meng Dun Jia” (A time and space Day Selection method) in his war strategy. His descendant, Zheng Tian Xi, was a prominent Exorcist in his time. 

Old Grand Master Wong was very well known as a special healer who possessed supreme powers. He is also well known for the fact that he “Never Refused” to grant assistance to anyone that was in need of help.

Through time, people decided to give Old Grand Master Wong another name, “Wong Tai Sin” (Great Immortal Wong). People built temples in Wong Tai Sin’s name to remember his generosity in granting wishes and his kindness in saving lives and curing sickness.

Old Grand Master Wong was the pioneer in discovering Feng Shui and postulating the theory of Di-Li (The Ways of the Earth). We owe much gratitude to Old Grand Master Wong for his various great gifts and his contribution to Feng Shui. Those include the “Turning Gua Palm” technique and his “Tang Lang 9 Star Water” as well as the “Tang Lang 9 Star Method”.

Mimi Moorhouse     
March, 2006 
New York
曾美薇    丙戌年 春


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