Sharing the year with Tai Shui


Popular question around New Year time….
The question of Tai Shui and Shui Po has come up again – 

No, a person who has Tai Shui does not necessary mean everything is bad!

Yes, in general, most people will face obstacles in many ways, but not all things necessary!

Tai Shui is a strong force of energy due to the TIME (of the year) and it is hard for people to bear!

If the person was born in the current Tai Shui year, and he/she is having a high luck period in his/her Bazi, then this person may not be affected at all!

Moreover, this high luck period person may even get a “Faster Sailing Wind” from the help of Tai Shui.

That is why it is marginal, but ok to Sit on Tai Shui. (Facing Shui Po) 

Shui Po is directly opposite Tai Shui, it is to take all the high impact from Tai Shui – head-on!

Imagine the chaos it can cause! 

That is why not to Face Tai Shui.

Commonly, people who have the Tai Shui year would want to carry a piece of animal that forms a Match with the Tai Shui.

Ie. Yin 寅 (Wood) the tiger matches with Hai 亥(Water) the pig to become wood. 

That is great if this person needs wood in his Bazi! But what if this person’s Bazi cannot take wood? Then he/she will end up taking on the unfavorable element!

Therefore, I have introduced a much better way to neutralize Tai Shui – it is to incorporate the family of Tai Shui !

This is a far safer solution –  to let Tai Shui and his family to form a cycle; holding “hand in hand” to give strength to this person. 

Mimi Moorhouse  
February 9th, 2010 
曾 美 薇   庚寅年初 


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