Shas 煞 (Negative Qi Force)
Foot Cutting Sha


Foot Cutting Sha 割腳煞  
Foot Cutting Water 割腳水 

In the past and still, currently in some lower living standard rural areas in the third world countries, we often can see people builing their clay or wooden houses on top of the water due to poverty. These people always have to face the potential danger and threats of destruction of their houses and the loss of lives from heavy wind, rain and flood.

Foot Cutting Sha mainly focuses on houses that are built on top of water or very near to water. Too much water floating underneath or immediately up close to the house can influence the residents of feeling un-rooted, no anchoring or unstable. This will lead to the negative results such as being aimless, no ambition, discouraged, lack of confidence and depression. 

During the high luck Bazi period of the residents, he/she will see money coming and going but unable to retain or making savings. However, but during low luck Bazi period, the residents can face unemployment, heavily in debts, poor people relation due to being too argumentative and un-cooperative; all of these factors will lead to often missing good opportunities. He/she cannot get any support from friends and family and end up suffering from failure in most endeavors.

Foot Cutting Sha belongs to the element of Water. 
The residents are prone to suffer from illnesses that are related to water; such as kidneys urinary track, reproductive organs and sex organs, etc. In minor form, the patient will be feeling lethargic, no energy and poor sleeping at night. On the more serious side, there is kidney infection, kidney stones, kidney cancer, unable to conceive and low sperm counts, etc. 

The cure for this sha problem is far too complicated then just arranging some simple Feng Shui decoration implements for cure!  – First, we need to find out the external land form, as well as the internal qi field energy influence to the house. Together with the analysis of the person’s Bazi – we then can come up with a more realistic cure solution for this situation.

Before moving to a house that is very near to the water or built on top water, it is best to consider your own and your family’s Bazi. 

Best to avoid living in such environment if the Bazi negative element is Water!

Mimi Moorhouse

June 4th, 2011
辛卯年 夏


January 26th 2021 England

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