The Annual 3 Killings


The 3 killings:
It is a particular strong force of energy in the four cardinal directions; which – is purely activated by time.

it is governed and represented by the 12 Branches.

The make-up of the 3 Killings are:
Calamity Sha, Robbery Sha and Year Sha.

For the 2010 Geng-Yin year, the 3 Killings energy is in the north.
Pay attention not to disturb ground or make excessive noise in the north to provoke this strong energy.

Facing the 3 Killings direction.

Sitting in the 3 Killings location. (Desk and chair, sofa, bedroom, toilet and main-door, etc.)

Obstacles and difficulties in daily life, arguments, loss of wealth and ill-health issues.

There is a saying – (According to some form schools of Feng Shui) 要想發, 鬥三煞!  “If you want to get sudden wealth – Fight the 3 Killings !”  

This is a dangerous move – it is to deliberately making renovation and digging ground to provoke the 3 Killing energy.

This action should only be considered if we have the support and guidance of an experienced Feng Shui Master.

On a safer side, there is also a saying, 要想發, 向三煞 “If you want to get sudden wealth – Face the 3 Killings”!

When a person is unfortunately sitting in 3 Killings, he/she should face the 3 Killings – this is an attempt to turn things around from bad to good.

In my opinion, it would certainly offer some benefit by following this low-risk general guideline – AND, it is non invasive!

Alternatively, it is believed that putting a metal Chi-Lin or Pi-You in the 3 Killings area will help neutralizing the strong force of energy.

There are also various methods being used for the “Fight 3 Killings” in Feng Shui, however, they are more “Tailor-Made” than just “One Size Fits All”!

They will require more accurate applications according to the land-form and the general environment.

If one must make renovation in the 3 Killings area – selecting an Auspicious Day will help making some harmony with the extreme energy.

曾美薇 Mimi Moorhouse
Monserrat, The Caribbean
己丒年冬 17th January, 2010


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The Annual 3 Killings

The 3 killings:It is a particular strong force of energy in the four cardinal directions; which – is purely activated by time. Time: it is governed