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“To be in the right place at the right time”


If we look at the traditional Chinese Farmers’ Calendar (Tong Shu), one can see that besides from the timing information given for farming, it is also a tool for the simplest form of Auspicious Day Selections for general households. This shows us that from Dynasty to Dynasty, Chinese has an old custom of selecting an Auspicious Day to embark upon various events and everything else in life! 

The Tong Shu is fascinating!  It tells us the good and bad days for events such as: 

Starting School, Meeting Friends, Travel, Engagement, Marriage, Celebration, Signing Contracts, Arbitration, Asking Medical Help, Acupuncture, Moving House, Installing Bed, Building Stove, Opening Shops, Starting Business, Trading, Collecting Debts, Lending Money, Open Storage, Repairing Work, Moving Ground, Installing Beams, Building Dam, Repairing Storage, Digging Drain, Building Pool or Pond, Draining or Filling Water, Digging Wells, Filling Rat Holes, Repairing Fallen Wall or Fence, Repair Roads, Building House, Painting House, Building Toilet, Burial, Funeral, Removing Mourning Clothing, Worship, Cutting Cloth, Sewing, Planting, Making Wine, Farming Animals, Bringing in New Pets, Taking Bath, Cleaning House, Cutting Hair, Cutting Nails, Knitting Fish-Nets, Fishing, Hunting, Seeking Fortune Telling, Buying Rice Fields, Buying Property, New Ship Entering Sea, etc., etc. even the good and bad days for Eating Dog Meat!

On a more drastic note, there are actually many people in the Far East who deliberately arrange for their babies to be born by caesarean section to coincide with the pre-selected Auspicious Day and Time. This way they arrange for their baby to have the best Ba-Zi birth time!  Please note, I personally do not condone radical actions and it is best not to force the law of nature to the extreme. (Does it really work? Please see my Ba-Zi article based on an interview with Teacher Chu.)

I personally encourage my clients to take advantage of a well selected Auspicious Day for things and events that are practical and meaningful to them. I recommend selecting an Auspicious Day for:

Building and Renovations, Moving Out and Moving In, Installing a new Door, Bed or Stove, Major Repairs, Moving Ground, Commencing Business, Interviews, Arbitration, Negotiation, Signing Contacts, Launching Project, Celebration, Funeral, etc. 

In order  to calculate and select an Auspicious Day effectively , the following information will be required:

Date and Time of Birth
The purpose for the Auspicious Day
Location of Event

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