Perception Feng Shui does not require using the Lo-Pan (Chinese Feng Shui Compass) to take measurements for directions, it can – therefore, only focus on the human side of Feng Shui in terms of the good results for health and luck. The emphases are mainly on the living conditions, thinking process and household furniture adjustments.

Importantly, as for the larger scale buildings and industrial developments, we will always need to rely on the traditional Feng Shui practice by assessing the (巒頭Luan Tao) Land Form and    (理氣Li Qi) Direction and Time.

Perception Feng Shui is a branch of the Classical Traditional Feng Shui. It has been developed through time, experience and Feng Shui theories standards.

The results of Perception Feng Shui can be different for different individual according to their human luck, their attitude and their willingness to make the necessary adjustments. 

Perception Feng Shui is fun and un-intimidating – especially for layman Feng Shui enthusiasts because there will not be any complicated Feng Shui formulae to remember, and no previous Feng Shui training is necessary. Moreover, it does not require using a compass!

Just something logical and practical for living harmoniously with the environment!

Mimi Moorhouse曾 美 薇

28th December 2011 辛卯年 冬 


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