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Ba-Zi a Destiny Analysis


Ba-Zi is an ancient and accurate Destiny Analysis. It is a science of studying the cosmic factors of time, space, people, behavior and events that influence peoples’ lives from the day they were born.

The reading of Ba-Zi is relatively new to the western world. In time, Ba-Zi will most likely gain acceptance and recognition in the West much like Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui have in recent years. In fact, Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui and Ba-Zi were all originated from I-Ching and they are closely connected by the Five-Elements theory. This is a study of the inter-relationship of the five elements, which are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

Literally, Ba-Zi, means Eight Characters though it is also known as Four Pillars. The Eight Characters are the keys to the yin and yang variations of the Five Elements in accordance to the time dimension. The Ba-Zi chart is made up by an individual’s birth data of Year, Month, Day and Hour into Four Pillars. These pillars consist of four pairs of distinct Chinese characters from the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, subsequently, the name Ba-Zi – Eight Characters.

Ba-Zi enables us to decipher a person’s life path with the calculation of time and magnetic field compatibility. Everything on earth has its own magnetic field and each set of Eight Characters (Ba-Zi) represents a different magnetic field. It is subjected to the influence and the strength of different forces generated at different times, which cause “lucky” or “unlucky” outcomes in life. For example: When a baby is born at a certain year, month, day and hour, his/her life path will be created by the magnetic field energy generated by the nine planets of our solar system at that precise moment. Consequently, the magnetic energy or force will change along with the movement of the nine planets, hence, creating a new magnetic field respectively with the new time and alignments. This new source of energy will have a “positive” or “negative” effect to this baby’s life path. That is what is known as destiny. 

The use of Ba-Zi can help us to focus on many important aspects such as family, relationship, health, wealth, career, recognition, studies, business, partnership and other events. By analysing the structures, compatibilities, clashes, combinations, timely aspects of cyclical influence and the inter-relations of these eight characters, we can learn much about our nature and our luck cycles in our life path. Moreover, we will also come to understand the importance of achieving balance and equilibrium of the Five Elements in our life.

Ba-Zi is not about fortune telling – it is about empowering individuals. Factors such as luck are often indomitable and not easily within our grasp. Through better awareness of our strengths and weaknesses and with the advanced knowledge of obstacles or challenges that are likely to take place in a certain time frame, Ba-Zi, can enable individuals to take charge of their destiny, to be pro-active in overcoming challenges and to effectively fulfil their life potential.

Autumn, 2003
 曾美薇  癸未年 秋


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