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The nuclear of XKDG is the “Communication” between the guas.

Xuan Kong Da Gua Auspicious Day Selection (XKDG-ADS) is to identify the Communication between the guas and uniting these guas into a powerful unit, so that the energy of these guas can work as one.

A successful  “Communication” is to be able achieve “Two Objectives” under strict criteria.

The first objective is to unite the power between the guas.

The second objective is to secure the output of “energy” between the guas – so that the guas can re-enforce each other and become one whole body of energy.

Course subjects: The four “Communication” criteria

Chapter One:  

1. He Tu  河圖

2. Lo Shu  洛書

3. The Composition of Xuan Kong Da Gua 玄空大卦由來

4. The 60 Gia Zi and the 64 Hexagram Guas 

5. The 64 Hexagram Guas and the 24 Mountains

Chapter Two: 
The Four Communications

1. The Gua Luck Communication 卦運交通

   A. Pure and Clear Same Gua Luck 同運, 一卦純淸                           

   B. Guas in Combination of 10, 5 and 15 合十, 合五, 合十五

   C. Guas in He Tu Growth Luck of 1-6, 2-7, 3-8 and 4-9  卦運合生成

   D. Exception Gua Lucks 卦運相通

2. The Five Elements Communication 五行交通

   A. Pure and Clear Same 5 elements Guas   五行純淸, 一卦純淸

   B. 5 Elements in Combination of 10, 5 and 15合十, 合五, 合十五

   C. Five Elements in Growth Luck of 1-6, 2-7, 3-8, 4-9 五行合生成

3. The Family Gua Communications

   A. The Forward Children 48 Plots  順子四十八局

   B. The Reverse Children 48 Plots  逆子四十八局

4. The Secret “Seven Stars Robbery” Communications

Chapter Three:
The Special Condition Communications

1. The Combinational use of Two Communications      

2. The usage of Break Day and Break Hour Condition

3. The Extra Prosperous – Produce Me and Control Me    

4. The Receding – I Produce and I Control Condition 退神

Chapter Four:  
The Heaven Earth and Man Communications

Heaven 日課(Day Selection) Earth山家(Mountain) and Man主命(Master)

1. 日課 (Day Selection) and  Earth山家 (Mountain)

2. 日課 (Day Selection) and  Man主命 (Master)

3. 主命 (Master) and  Earth山家 (Mountain)

4.  Violation of Pure Yin or Pure Yang –
     Will not produce Luck 

5.  Violation of the Mixed Up Yin Yang in Guas –

6.  Xuan Kong Da Gua for Yang House Practical  

    A. How to determine the gua for the 山家 (Mountain)

    B. How to find out if the current year is good for the 山家 (Mountain)

Who is the course for?

All students must know how to write the 24 mountains in Chinese, and have a basic knowledge in BaZi. You have to know how to use the Chinese Calendar.

Otherwise, you  will be doing a disfavor to the rest of the class if you  consistently slowing the class’s progress.

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