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Feng Shui Detective – Agent Turtle !!!


During the 1980’s, I used to travel to China from San Francisco on various water treatment projects. During one of the visits, I had an odd opportunity in meeting a third generation Feng Shui Master who was part of the Chinese negotiation team. Feng Shui was not a subject to be discussed and was forbidden by the communist party thirty years ago.

This Master told me that due to the restriction of talking or practising Feng Shui, his grand-father and father could only tell him bits and pieces secretly.

After having pleaded to the grand-father for months, the old master has finally agreed to teach his grandson a simple Feng Shui method without getting involved with a Loupan or using a Feng Shui formula so that they would not be risking of upsetting the government regime. For the same reason why he felt he could talk to me about it on that occasion – albeit on the quiet!  

Using a turtle to find the auspicious location in the house –

To do:
First you need to buy a turtle – the bigger the better.
Feed the turtle well with fresh fish or shrimp meat for at least a week.

To start:
Put the turtle in the middle of the house.
Pay particular attention to where the turtle makes the first stop – this will be the most auspicious Feng Shui location of the house.

An aquarium with fish – it will promote good blessings for money fortune.
An altar – it will promote good blessing for health.
A studying desk – it will promote clear head and good thinking for improvement of academic achievement.

Why use a turtle?
In Chinese tradition, turtles have always been known and believed to be an animal of peace and good fortune blessings. Also, it is believed to have an exceptional sixth sense for auspiciousness.

Do not mistreat the turtle after using its service! 

If you cannot keep the turtle as a pet, then please release it back to nature for the respect of the animal and the sake of good karma.

Mimi Moorhouse  曾美薇

December,  2015 乙未年冬

Aldabra – Assumption Islands (Adm. of Seychelles)


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