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Why Auspicious Day Selections?


To be in the right place at the right time!

If that is your goal, then by the end of this course, you will have learned to use a very powerful knowledge base which dates back to the Han Dynasty 206BC – 220AD, when the Chinese originally used Auspicious Day Selections for War Strategies, Official Ceremonies, Farming, Burials, Marriages, Digging Ground, Moving House and Travels, etc.

Although most Chinese seem to have an “Obsession” about obtaining an Auspicious Day for their activities; however, not many people really know why the whole exercise is so important. Often, Day Selection is simply regarded as a part of the Chinese culture or just a benign superstition for the sake of extra insurance!

Chinese regard time as having a cyclical pattern; it repeats itself in a systematic manner as documented by the arrangement of the 60 Gia-Zi. It is based on the understanding that planet Earth rotates every year in a full circle, and because it is tilting in an angel; this results in the change of seasonal energies through the course of the year.

Over the centuries, Chinese scholars, philosophers and astronomers have accumulated their knowledge of time by charting the energy changes with seasons and planetary of star alignments. They have developed various systems for the calculation and tracking of the periods of “Good” time that are likely to be most beneficial for different activities.

When we were born, we were all subjected to different environmental influences such as: Different Time (10 Stems 天干 and 12 Branches 地支), Hot and Cold, Seasons, Sun and Rain, etc. Furthermore, we were all influenced by the details of our actual birth, such as: Haemorrhages, Natural Birth, Caesarean, Unconscious, Awake, Premature and Full Term, etc. These factors are all part of the components that make up one’s destiny and Heaven Luck.

In our lifetime, we experience many different environmental influences of (Feng Shui) Earth Luck; such as Local Food Sources, Weather, Living Conditions, Mountains and Rivers, etc.

At the same time we also co-exist with many different walks of life (Other people’s destiny). The presence of these varying environments and people, they all; have a perpetual and reciprocal influential role in our life. These factors are the building blocks in making our Earth Luck; in another word, our Man Luck.

The understanding of your destiny potentials and the subsequent use of the information to take charge of your choice of Time is one of the multi facets of Man Luck.

Auspicious Day Selections is a skill to find a certain favorable time to commence an activity in which the energies in the universe are optimised for its success.

May be this should explain why it is often said that “People Make their own luck?

Butan, 2007丁亥年冬


Feng Shui

Water Observation Techniques and Their Influence

In Chinese Feng Shui metaphysics, WATER is one of the major back bones of the theory. Therefore, we often hear the classic text quoting:  山 管人丁水管財“Mountain governs