Feng Shui, Heaven, Man and Earth


Feng Shui is about harmony in our living environment. It is an analysis of a house (apartment, office, building or dwelling, etc.) based on its location, which direction it faces, its surroundings and how to optimize its suitability for the occupants. Time, with the changes of seasons and years; also plays an important role in Feng Shui.

In order to improve our quality of life with Feng Shui, we must understand the various values of life such as Ideals, Ambitions and Efforts.

However, all the above factors are often governed by many known and unknown influences and limitations as they are represented in the Feng Shui terms of Heaven, Man and Earth.

Heaven (EH) is about what we have been born with, such as our genetic hereditary traits, our parents and siblings, our gender, physique and looks, etc. These are things that we cannot change. (Sex change and cosmetic surgeries do not alter the fundamental biological facts of a person – these actions evolve into the next category as “Man”.) 

Man (LH) refers to things that we have control of and that we can change. Examples are such as knowledge and skills, decisions and actions, ambitions and efforts, etc.

Earth is Feng Shui. It is a vast studying subject of the natural formations of our planet. It involves the weather, resources, time and the living environment conditions such as excessive dampness, dryness, heat, cold, smells and noise, etc.

In other words, if we are born with good Heaven luck conditions and cultivate our Man luck; we can enjoy a more ideal or enhanced life with a suitable living environment of Earth luck with Feng Shui.

Mimi Moorhouse
Christmas Eve, 2006
Vanuatu – South Pacific
曾 美 薇    丙戌年 冬 


Wealth God For 2022
壬寅 Year

Date: 1st February 2022 Chinese New Year Day Wealth God: South East Nobleman God: South-West Auspicious Direction: South Auspicious Time to receive these Gods: Zi

Feng Shui

Is Feng Shui a “100% solution” ?

Feng Shui takes its effects from Heaven Luck of timing and Earth Luck of environmental influence. There is no such a thing as “The Everlasting