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Auspicious Day Selections
and the Trinities of Feng Shui


In a more comprehensive theory of Feng Shui, we are already familiar with the Trinity of Heaven 天, Earth 地 and Man人. As for Auspicious Day Selection, we are now focusing on the second Trinity Qi 氣, Form 形, and Day 日.

Qi 氣: refers to an abstract theory; that is determined by metaphysical calculation of time.

Form 形: refers to lands and things that we can see with our eyes.

Day 日: refers to day selections; it is to select an auspicious day and time to enhance the effectiveness of a Feng Shui plotting.

Feng Shui masters regard these three factors as The Trinity – as they are inseparable and they work hand in hand in order to make a FENG SHUI plot to work for its best.

Let us suppose that a FENG SHUI master has made a FENG SHUI arrangement at someone’s house and this house now has a modified qi field in is environment.  How do we enforce this modified qi field to work at its best for this house? This – is when using auspicious day does come into play – it is to put activation in motion!

A good way to describe using a well selected auspicious day is, to say that it is like setting off a time bomb with a detonator – the results can be quite alarming if we can grasp the timing accurately!  

In another word, if we ignore finding an auspicious day to initiate an expertly plotted FENG SHUI arrangement; then we are risking to having a “discounted” result. How much will be “discounted”? This is all depending on the auspiciousness of the day used and its direct influence to the FENG SHUI arrangement.  

Similarly, if a person has used an inauspicious day that clashes with a well-plotted FENG SHUI arrangement, it can, then spoil the qi field of the house; consequently, it can turn out to be a waste of opportunity or a compromise of benefiting less then 100% of its intended fortune.

Naturally, there are always some lucky people who happened to have used an auspicious day without knowing it – though possible; but we are not always so lucky 100% of the time! 

Once we understand the fundamental of the Auspicious Day Selections Trinity concept, we then must consider selecting an auspicious day for all FENG SHUI implementations or any major endeavour when possible. It is -like turning on the ignition to kick-start an engine! 

On the subjects of repairs and renovation works, we need to think of choosing an auspicious day to start the work in order not to violate or clash with the existing FENG SHUI. Moreover, it is even more important if it is unavoidable to make repairs and renovation in the 5 yellow, Tai Shui, Shui Po, 3 Killings areas. (2008 has everything in the South!) . A well-selected auspicious day can help soften the harmful effects from these areas.

As for a FENG SHUI consultant, if a client is telling that he/she has been suffering illness, personal and financial problems ever since moving into a house, etc. The first thing obviously is to check the FENG SHUI of the house. If there was nothing wrong inside and out of the premises, then we should start investigating if it has been a violation clash on the moving-in day of this client! 

A violation clash on a moving-in day as quoted from the old text:

Owner – Illness on the following day after moving-in.

House Sitting or Facing – Various problems will happen after 12 days after moving-in.

Break Day – Obstacles in all endeavours for three months.

Three Killings Day – Someone gets hurt on the day of moving-in.

Due to the interlocking relationship of the two Trinities in Feng Shui –  Man人 is also interpreted as Day日when it is used for Auspicious Day Selections.

As a core foundation; we must first consider the Man人 / Day 日when selecting an Auspicious Day, do not clash or violate the person’s birth year and day of birth at all cost.

Auspicious Day Selections can be applied for not just FENG SHUI implementation; it is also used for marriage, house moving day, commencing business, repair, renovation, worship and asking for blessings, etc. 

Although it is not practiced in the west, I do wish to add that selecting an Auspicious Day for marriage is the most difficult challenge above all! In general, the calculation will have to involve six persons – the bride and groom and the respective parents from both sides – and no one should have a clash violation with anyone, the day, the hour and the place, etc., etc.

The next most difficult one would be for selecting an Auspicious Day to give a caesarean childbirth! (Please see my article “Giving birth by Caesarean section for a perfect Ba Zi life plot to the baby?” in this website www.

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Auspicious Day Selections

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