Master (Yang) Killing Day
楊 公 忌 日 楊 公 煞


Master (Yang) Killing Day  楊 公 忌 日    楊 公 煞 

Master Yang Jun Song was a high imperial Di-Li (Land Form) Master for the Emperor in Tang Dynasty (618–907A.D.). When Tang Dynasty ended, he then turned to practice Di-Li Feng Shui for the commoners.  Consequently, he was given the name “Master of Saving the Poor” as praise and honoring his work to the people. Through the years, he was also regarded as the “Grand Master of Feng Shui” by other Feng Shui masters. 

Master Killing Day is also call Lo-Hoh Day and it has a total of thirteen days. (The 7th Luna Month has 2 Master Killing Days.) Feng Shui Practitioners observe Master Killing Day as a serious violation. It is believed that one invites great disasters if using the Lo-Pan (Feng Shui Compass) or making Feng Shui audit on one of these days. 

As for Day Selections, Master Killing Days are also considered as inauspicious days for all matters and events – particularly for “Moving House”. 

The calculation is based on the Luna Calendar:

1st Luna Month: On the13th Day
2nd Luna Month: On the 11th Day
3rd Luna Month: On the 9th Day
4th Luna Month: On the 7th Day
5th Luna Month: On the 5th Day
6th Luna Month: On the 3rd Day
7th Luna Month: On the 1st Day
7th Luna Month: On the 29th Day
8th Luna Month: On the 27th Day
9th Luna Month: On the 25th Day
10th Luna Month: On the 23rd Day
11th Luna Month: On the 21st Day
12th Luna Month: On the 19th Day

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