Newsletter<br> August 31st 2021 Still in England!!!

Dear Students and Friends! Summer is disappearing fast but at least the UK has regained most of our freedom of movements from lockdown since July the 19th.We pray, beg and hope that this will last! I was invited by the Association of Feng Shui Consultants in Australia as their speaker at the International Feng Shui Convention […]

Newsletter<br> April 19th 2021 England

Hello, Hello!!! Spring is finally here!!! I hope everyone and all families are well! I am passionate about doing in-depth research on all Chinese Metaphysics subjects. I am also most enthusiastic in teaching “practical” valuable knowledge to all my students. Not having been able to go anywhere during these long months – now over a […]

Newsletter<br>January 26th 2021 England

Dear Friends and Students: Chinese New Year is later than usual this year. It is on the 12th of February, which comes after the Coming of Spring on 3rd February.  I have prepared the dates and directions for receiving the Wealth, Happiness and Good Fortune Gods for this year. Moreover, I have also included the date for Wealth God’s […]

Wealth God for 2021 <br> 辛丑 Year

Date: 12th February 2021 Chinese New Year Day Wealth God: East Good Fortune God: South-west Happiness God: North-west Time: Zi 子, Yin 寅, Mao 卯, and Si 巳 hours. The fifth day of Chinese New Year is the birthday of Wealth God, traditionally, this is also the day Chinese people begin the new year and […]

Two Charity Courses

Bazi Feng Shui Languages: Englsih with German Translation Date: Saturday, March 27th, 2021 Time: 0900–1500 UK time (One hour behind Germany) Fees: €300 (No Vat) Early Bird 10% discount: Up to March 5th 2021 About: Please read Course and Synopsis Level: Basic Bazi Knowledge Contact: Charity Beneficiary: Speratum Cancer Research in Costa Rica ************************************************************************ […]

Christmas, December 23rd 2020 England

Dear friends and students: Christmas is coming, however, we are back to experiencing the full lockdown. Since I returned from Central America in January, Like many people the world-over, I  have been going nowhere but grounded here in England. Realistically, there is no place I could go that can be called SAFE from the pandemic and staying […]

Exciting news! Hooray!

My old website now has a brand new look, much more user friendly and just fun to click through! My gratitude to Mr. Johann Bauer, for his efficient and dedicated hard work in helping me to build this new website – Thank you dear Johann! Not very exciting news – Boo!We are having an alarmingly high […]

Choosing a House<br> with no Feng Shui Audit

Needless to say, to appoint a Feng Shui Master for a thorough audit is the most reliable and ideal thing to do when choosing a new house to live. For some people who cannot afford the time and money to pursue hiring a trusted Feng Shui Master – there are a couple of old Non-Feng […]

Your Face and Feng Shui

Face Reading is something that I dabble on from time to time, but I thought it would be interesting and fun to use Feng Shui as a tool to substantiate the abstract concept of Face Reading. The Upper Face:The Forehead is the indicator of Nobility and quality of life. (Nobility does not mean being a […]

Feng Shui Detective – Agent Turtle !!!

During the 1980’s, I used to travel to China from San Francisco on various water treatment projects. During one of the visits, I had an odd opportunity in meeting a third generation Feng Shui Master who was part of the Chinese negotiation team. Feng Shui was not a subject to be discussed and was forbidden […]