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悟境風水 Perception Feng Shui

Perception Feng Shui does not require using the Lo-Pan (Chinese Feng Shui Compass) to take measurements for directions, it can – therefore, only focus on the human side of Feng Shui in terms of the good results for health and luck. The emphases are mainly on the living conditions, thinking process and household furniture adjustments. […]

Choosing a House
with no Feng Shui Audit

Needless to say, to appoint a Feng Shui Master for a thorough audit is the most reliable and ideal thing to do when choosing a new house to live. For some people who cannot afford the time and money to pursue hiring a trusted Feng Shui Master – there are a couple of old Non-Feng […]

Feng Shui Detective – Agent Turtle !!!

During the 1980’s, I used to travel to China from San Francisco on various water treatment projects. During one of the visits, I had an odd opportunity in meeting a third generation Feng Shui Master who was part of the Chinese negotiation team. Feng Shui was not a subject to be discussed and was forbidden […]

Broken Tooth

I chipped my front tooth while I was in Hong Kong 2 weeks ago but couldn’t do anything about it until I got back to England.  While browsing at the bookstore upon my departure from the HK Airport, I noticed a book “Feng Shui for Love and Marriage” at the Metaphysics section. Hmmm…  I opened […]

Determining Sitting and Facing with Qi

In the ancient time, there was almost never any debate about the Sitting and Facing of a Yang house or a Yin House burial plot.  Traditionally, Chinese always have used the mountain for both Yin and Yang houses for Sitting – because everything was built with the mountain in the back for support! Chinese Yin Feng Shui […]

Shas 煞 (Negative Qi Force)
Foot Cutting Sha

Foot Cutting Sha 割腳煞  Foot Cutting Water 割腳水  In the past and still, currently in some lower living standard rural areas in the third world countries, we often can see people builing their clay or wooden houses on top of the water due to poverty. These people always have to face the potential danger and threats of destruction […]

Shas 煞 (Negative Qi Force)
Face Pricking Sha

Where did the name “Face Pricking Sha” come from?  Face Pricking 刺青(Tattoo) was one of the ancient punishments. This was mainly used for sex criminals as they tattoo the subject of the crime directly on the forehead of the person, so that this criminal will be shamed for life. As for Feng Shui application, this […]

Liu Ren 六壬神課

Liu Ren 六壬神課 The three classics of divination from Zhou-Yi 周易 (I-Ching) theory are : Liu Ren 六壬神課 Qi Ming Dun Gia 奇門遁甲 Tia Yi 太乙神数 What is Liu Ren? “The Six Ren(s)” 1. The Origin of Liu Ren comes from He Tu 河圖 and Lo  Shu 洛書.  2. Ren 壬 is Yang Water and it […]

A Feng Shui Murder

Great Grand Master Yong Jung Zhong  楊均松 (834-906) Great Grand Master Yong Jung Zhong 楊均松 (834-906) was the imperial Feng Shui master during the end of Tong Dynasty.  He was also the person that had made important modifications of the Feng Shui knowledge left behind from Li Zhun Feng 李淳風(602-670)  – The Metaphysic Adviser to the Emperor during […]